Xerox J75 and Xerox D125


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Hi all. We purchased a refurbed Xerox J75 and a D125 about 4 and 2 years ago respectively. The J is color, the D is higher speed black. Same rough generation otherwise. We bought direct from the "only"(?) authorized Xerox distributor in my state. We also signed a pay-per-click service agreement with them. I realize most would probably not buy refurbed and so, yes, we took our own fate in our hands BUT, this company is completely incapable of keeping our equipment running. We aren't even that picky but jamming, constant lines/voids, mottle etc etc. We run 99% uncoated 65# cover and 99% uncoated 20lb bond. Most of our work gets duplexed. Probably once a month at most we might run something up to 10pt coated but very low volume. We aren't picky about color. That's it. That's what we needed from these machines.

This is absolutely the last thing in the world I want to even be considering, but I feel like I'd rather have two color machines rather than what we have now. This could help mitigate downtime. Since our only motivation for upgrading is when our service contract runs out, any other money spent before then is essentially wasted (unless you count downtime = stress).

J75 is very well specced out (external fiery, oversized high capacity trays, booklet maker with facetrim) and we got it for $17k. D125 specced almost identically and got it for $15k.

I don't know what to do from here. This company has poured loads and loads and loads of money into our J in the last few months and yet, various problems continue every couple weeks. We put a fraction of the duty cycle on it. Probably 10%.

Wouldn't even be considering spending more money. Purely motivated by this companies inability to keep the machines (mostly the J75) running.



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what seams to be the issues
all of them

Just kidding. Focusing on the J75, I kind of mentioned in my post but the latest was jamming on every sheet when duplexing, he got that solved and then we were getting a horizontal line every 150mm ish. Mottle after long runs... like really bad. Sometimes shutting off the machine for a couple hours will fix it. Sometimes we have to just give up for the day and it's fine in the morning. Voids. Poor quality solids.


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Prior to quoting you for these refurbished machines, the vendor should have done their own due diligence to establish what needed to be replaced on them to bring them up to spec. to put on a PPC contract. They should then have had them up and running in their workshop and tested extensively before installing them at your premises. So, the fact they are refurbs is not relevant here - your vendor have a responsibility to deliver on the PPC contract. Alternatively, give them the option to remove the machines and fully refund you, so you can walk away. If the machines have become a real thorn, the vendor may jump at this offer. Just don't end up out of pocket, aside from the inconvenience and having to quickly establish a 'Plan B'.


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Sad to say that The machines are not really supported by Corp Xerox. All the consumables are after market Most are made in China and Mexico. There are no original Fuji parts being supplied anymore. If you call xerox support you will be talking to Gautamala. Most senior xerox direct techs left or were let go.

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