Xerox Versant 180 - For Sale (Asking $12k)

My shop is selling our V180 as we have just upgraded to a new V280. Here are the specs on the V180 for sale:
  • Xerox Versant 180 Digital Color Press
  • External EX-180 Fiery
  • oversized tray 6 (1 drawer)
  • performance package
  • inline spectrophotometer
  • envelope support kit
  • interposer/inserter
  • 2/3 hole punch
  • production ready finisher/booklet maker
  • square edge trimmer
The total impression count for this machine is approx. 1,432,543. We have owned this press since new in 2019, and it has always been under service contract. Maintenance and service has always been performed by a Xerox technician.

We are located in Texarkana, Texas (3 hours east of DFW).

Asking Price is $12,000 USD (Less than 20% of original purchase price) -- We are open to reasonable offers.


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i haven't received any replies or offers on this press.. perhaps that's because i didn't list a price. i've seen similar machines with wide ranging prices, so i'm not exactly sure what to ask for.

what would be a good price that would entice a buyer? i'm open to any feedback or suggestions.

Lorenzo lab guy

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We sold our "completed a 5 year lease" V80 for the 10% lease buyout to a friend as a favor. So, that is probably your floor. We could have just turned it in - we didn't make anything, but the guy wanted it. People may be worried about potential EOL. The clicks on yours is not bad; it probably has decent life left in it. Maybe start at 20% of the original capital cost and negotitiate from there.


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