Xerox Versant 180 - Minimum XLS Sheet Size?


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The Versant 180 offers their XLS (Extra Long Sheet) capability and clearly states that it allows a sheet size up to 13x26 inches. Cool. But I can't find where it states a minimum XLS sheet. For example, can I feed a 9x26 inch sheet instead. I can see on Youtube that the XLS metal tray that sits on the MSI unit can be adjustable, but I have no idea how much. This question is stumping my dealer as well. I don't have the press installed yet, else I wouldn't bother asking and would figure it out. thx.


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Yes you can feed 9x26. I have done that on our V3100 so I think it should be the same on the V180.


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You can put in whatever custom size you want like you do with any other size that is smaller than 13x19. I've ran 12x26 and 8.5x24.

Brett S

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We are currently running a 12x26 sheet for a 6-pager, stock is 200 GSM, and the sheets are jamming every 5-10. Most of the jams occur in the fuser section, the other jams are in bypass tray when feeding (easy to clear). Any suggestions on how to get the sheets to print a little easier?

Sorry to post a new problem on this thread.

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