Xerox Versant 180 top oversize tray not homing


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I have taken the side panel off. I can see the lower tray homing, but the top tray doesn't home.

There are three sensors on the inside back left corner, that correspond with three metal tabs on the tray.

Has anyone had this problem? If so, how do you find the bad sensor or do you replace all three?


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Compare the sensors on the two trays and see if the top tray has any sensor that is bent slightly out of place. The sensor might not be bad, it just might be a tiny bit out of place. I had a 700 that used to do that with one particular sensor. A large paper jam would knock the sensor off kilter.


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Mystery Solved! Turns out, the bearing on the Shift Screw had moved out of place. Letting the Shift Screw Gear move out of position, therefore no homing.

Put the bearing back in place. Problem Solved!

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