.xls spread sheet

i absolutely cannot stand this program...anyhow...a client has sent an .xls spreadsheet to make a day timer, they have it all setup and such, i just need to create 365 of these to print one for everyday. is there some way in excel to automate the date? they currently have the jan 01, 2008 set in the header.

excel help doesn't give me any answers...? any ideas? i know how to do this in indy but it takes a little more work.


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Re: .xls spread sheet

if you click on the cell with the date on - a box appears around the cell - and a + in the bottem right corner, click on the + and drag down and the date should replicatre itself and add one day
Re: .xls spread sheet

The date was actually contained in the header, not in a cell so that method wouldn't work. The job was completed outside of excel, thanks for your help though!

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