XMF Issue with grabbing wrong version of PDF files


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We had a problem yesterday where we duplicated an imposition from a previous job and updated the 4 page document with a newer approved version. The job ripped and rendered correctly (showed the updated PDF file correctly) but when it got time to plate it, it somehow picked the previous version's PDF file and used it instead. Not sure how this is even possible but wondered if anyone here has encountered such a problem? We have to use process-less plates so we cannot do a thorough examination before it get's to press like most shops can, so it made it to the press and through the whole shop. Customer caught the mistake. :cry:


When we first installed XMF, we had to come up with a naming protocol. The simplest ways to use the job ticket number is the first thing you see ; 12345_ABCCOMPANY AND DESCRIPTION_TEXT_SIDE 1F_MAGENTA.


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Our naming policy is to use the new job number in the file each time we use it so it changes even if it an exact reprint.
That sounds out of the ordinary and I have not see that happen. One of our quality checks before we plate a job is to view the plates in XMF to verify the latest files have been rendered before sending the job to the platesetter. It's also a good opportunity to catch other issues like incorrect color bars, missing imposition marks and unwanted colors.

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