XMF Preflight.


Hi All,

What preflighting engine does XMF use?

Is it similar to Apogee X which can import Pitstop "Profiles" (.ppp) files? Does XMF workflow allow for files to hold on error / process on pass? Are XMF users running custom profiles or PDF/X standard? Can reports be export back to the client as a PDF file or are they saved to an XMF database? Is it fast? (ie. Faster than desktop based preflighting?)

Thanks in Advance.

Matt .
Hi Matt

We changed over to XMF about 4 Months ago from Apogee X. XMF uses Pitstop profiles the same as Apogee X although XMF does it in a faster more simple way in that where Apogee X preps the pdf, eps or ps in the Normalizer then preflights it 1 or 2 tasks later XMF preflights in Pageprep (Normalizer) at the same time. Also you can apply pitstop actions.

It does hold and warn you on error and you can also use custom profiles and PDF/X. The reports you can open up direct in XMF with Acrobat and also edit and update the pdf.

Hope this helps


Hi Luke,

Big help - thanks.

Apogee X to XMF. Very interesting! I've used Apogee X but not XMF. What are the key differences?

I found interface in AX is very logical and easy to follow, the XMF interface (what I've seen) doesn't appear like AX's workflow diagram. Is this correct? I love the ability to monitor multiple jobs through multiple processes all on the one client interface. Also AX allows for jobs to be routed to more than one proofing option. (Ie. High res proof / low res pdf export). Does XMF work a similar way? Imposition engine, are you using the inbuilt XMF or Preps or Dynastrip? And finally archiving of jobs, what system are you using for archiving work on completion?

Thanks again.


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