Xploration Toronto—July 17, 2019


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Registration is open for Xploration Tour Toronto—July 17, 2019. This 1-day event will be held at the City of Toronto Archives, and is sponsored by Crawford Technologies—assessable document solutions—and Messagepoint—a Toronto CCM platform company. This year’s event will focus on best practices & technologies that drive Customer Communication.

The event focues on current CCM trends, attributes of a meaningful customer experience and the impact it can have on an organization. Additional sessions include a focus on accessibility, how artificial Intelligence will play a role in customer communications, and best practices in CCM. This Xploration Tour wraps-up with a panel of the day’s speakers. Afterwards, there will be a tour of the city archives building. The event includes lunch, courtesy of the event sponsors.

According to Xplor President, Skip Henk: “Whether a company already has or is looking to implement / enhance their CCM strategy, this 1-day event will provide insight and direction.”

For more information about the Xploration Tour, or to register, visit www.xplor.org/tour.

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