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Hello, Now I have some issue about starting apoge prepressmanager (error message name "Fatal IS2 Error", text "Unable to cennect SQL server. Is your SQL server Name correct? Did you swich network car?", can you give me a some hints or instructions? I can contact you this pc via team viewver
Hello, did you remeber me? from georgia. Now I have some issue about starting apoge prepressmanager (error message name "Fatal IS2 Error", text "Unable to cennect SQL server. Is your SQL server Name correct? Did you swich network car?", can you give me a some hints or instructions?
I have problem with my lotem 400 PSM and I want to know how to solve it
1- error Id 4002 system error (createFile, 2)
2 - WinRT device controle : Open device number 2 failed,
3- 2 - WinRT device controle : Open device number 1 failed,

Please help me
Canon Doubles Down on One

By Noel Ward, Editor @ Large

Long Island was humid. Hot. And flying in from the Maritimes took some time. But for a Canon event the effort is always worthwhile. Here’s a short take.

Two or three times a year Canon updates journalists and analysts on how the company is moving forward, the new products being rolled out and how it is positioning itself in a changing marketplace. And so it was in early August when about 30 of us showed up at Canon USA headquarters in Melville, New York to hear some of the latest details and to get a fresh sense of the company’s tagline, “See Impossible.”

We got a fair bit of detail on some of the latest machinery and software, but the bigger piece on this trip was a new go-to-market strategy called One Canon. According to Canon, this is a unifying architecture that puts the company’s multiple business units under one roof and shifts the company’s operations from a product-driven strategy to a customer driven one.

One Canon
The idea, said executive vice president Toyo Kuwamura, is to provide a holistic solution for the needs of a highly diverse range of customers. One Canon makes Mr. Kuwamura the point guy all of Canon’s Business Imaging Solutions Group (BISG), which now encompasses Canon Financial Services, Canon USA (the Melville part), Canon Solutions America (the ex-Océ part) and Canon Information and Imaging Solutions (the software part).

This makes a lot of sense, given the vastness of Canon’s US operations. For example, a single Canon customer may rely on a mix of monochrome and color document printers, large format devices, software for each, require a wide range of technical support, as well as access to leasing and other financial support services. Previously, all these were provided independently. Now, or at least when the One Canon initiative is fully integrated over the next few months, a customer may still have more than one person to call regarding an issue, but the process should be smoother and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The print guys
For print providers the new architecture keeps or places some of Canon’s most seasoned execs in key positions. For example, the big production presses and large format printers that still carry the Océ brand are under the aegis of Mal Baboyian and Francis McMahon, with Rob Reddy and Sal Sheikh continuing to head up the large format segment. Meanwhile, Hiro Imamura and Dennis Amorosano will be making sure the software behind the machines is tuned to support market needs for productivity and efficiency. In all these roles, both internally to Canon and externally to customers, experience and market understanding both matter.

Then, to close the loop on sales, SVP and General Manager Mason Olds will be leading the sales organization with the goal of providing a one-to-one approach with each customer and partner. On a related note outside of this meeting, other Canon sources have indicated that the company is serious about focusing on real world market needs. A host of sales and marketing support collateral materials I’ve seen recently are tightly focused on making sure both sales reps and customers have the insights they need to make informed decisions. After all, the more any print provider knows, the better equipped they are to make a sound decision about what software and equipment to buy.

So far, customers who have experienced the earliest efforts of One Canon are finding the one-to-one approach works well. Both RSM, a large accounting/auditing firm, and Flo-Tech, a leading managed print services company, have found measurable advantages in the initial implementations of One Canon, as well as in the larger relationships their respective companies have with Canon. I expect we’ll hear more about these and other firms as the initiative is fully implemented.

Productive products
On the product side we heard about the initial success of Canon’s C10000/C8000 color printers. Launched last fall, Canon says these boxes are in high demand and have been displacing competing systems through advantages in both performance and operating costs.

Also in the mix, much to Canon’s delight, is the VarioPrint i300 cutsheet inkjet press, which seems to have carved out a landmark position in the production print space. Some customers are said to be replacing high-end toner presses with an i300. That no doubt depends on the applications, but it could also indicate a direction for inkjet in the marketplace. On one hand, the success of this device is not too surprising, given that it is the first high-speed cutsheet production inkjet press to reach the market, but being first is no assurance of top-notch performance.

However, when I talked with Mr. Baboyian of Canon Solutions America he related the experiences of customers Dayton Mailing Services and Access Direct, which claim the i300 is proving to be virtually paper-jam free over the several millions of impressions these companies have run. That alone should appeal to any busy shop. More interesting is that some i300 owners are finding the machine easy enough to operate that they are able use less experienced press-operators than are needed on some toner-based presses, which helps trim operating costs. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over time as volumes and job complexity increase.

Going Deep
The conference wrapped up with style. Dr. Robert Ballard, the ebullient oceanographer who found the Titanic, the battleship Bismarck, and who has explored parts of every ocean, gave a fascinating talk about his adventures in the sea. While Dr. Ballard’s field is far from office and production and printing he linked much of what he’s found beneath beneath the waves–and how he gets there–to what can be done with digital printing. And that like him, we should all use technology to “See Impossible.”
Oops! I am using Preps 5.3 and Evo
sorry, my typing is not what it needs to be..
Glad to assist you any way I can.
I'll be trying to keep people filled in on some of drupa. Its a huge show, my view will be a bit narrowed down.

As for your press, one company you might want to look at is MGI. They have toner-based presses that print on a lot of substrates. I think they can do 5 colors and I know some of the print on plastics.
Hello, did tou solve problems with Avaloon OCT connection to Avalon?
hello, yes I solved it but now have some problem with prepress manager
We are trying to get a lease for a printer we are looking at 4 options:

Konica C1085

Xerox 80 Versant

Ricoh 7100

Minolta 5110

Which one is the best?

Thank you in advance.
Hello! I have had a lot of trouble with email over the past few months... If you are still interested in contacting me please, use the email:
hi all
i have a problem with my Konica minolta C6500 with IC 408 while i am installing FS 501 with this copy is working proparly but while giving print from command work station it is giving the error there is no computable finisher i am tried to add finisher from instalabul options but its not allowing me to add and the fumiest thing its working with IC 303 Externel fiery
please give me the solutin for the IC 408 embeded fiery
For an interesting video on a NEW CtP thermal plate that reduces your ink and water cost /usage compared to Kodak fuji Agfa Ipagsa Strong Lucky Group technology go to Youtube and search

Aqua+ thermal ctp plates Certus

If you are a large printer forget about the chem free or low chem solutions as they only save you a limited amount of chemical in the pre press area ( but may in fact cost you in other un monitored areas of your business)
Am looking for new quality partner to distribute high quallity range of plates (mainly Ctp Ctcp and eve chem free ) in variou regions around the world contact me to discuss more .

This is high end quality -cheaper versions/batch issues are available elsewhere
I am having an issue with my 40" CTP image. The plates come out of the processor with random black dots that you can smear away. Once they are put on press the image does not hold ink. I am wasting tons of plates and can not figure out what has changed. I have never had this problem in the 2 years I have been working here. Does anyone know where I should start??

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