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Hi I am retired printing manager/pressman located in London Ontario if you want to send me some sheets I have the equipment to measure and report back to you or I can loan you my Spectro/Densitometer if you wish. let me know thanks
Hello! We have a RICOH C9200 too. Could you give me some info, how you managed to Print the No. 9 Envelopes on the machine?
I Have a Heidelberg GTO 52 and having problems with the water system piling and toning ,It has a royse system. I use Pro 3 fountain solution. DSP-Eco 1630 lll Rz plate system. It's like it's hydroplaning, rollers are new. pressures are the same as the metal plates. Darrel Southern Cali.
morning Sir, Juergen from PrePressService Germay.
Which Amsky Model is it ?
I worked for ECRM in Germany. Maybe we can deal here together.
Which company are you ? Is it your company ?
BR Juergen
Hello, just read your post from a few years back on comparable proofing paper to GMG semiMatte. Was their a proofing paper you switched to and are you using GMG colorproof? Thanks! Tom
Am Victor, an ECRM and EASTCOM CTP service technician. I have clients with an Amsky CTP who needs service but I can't help much because I don't have a Service Manual. Can anyone please give me a copy of a Service Manual.
Thank you.
"Error: “drum driver error”
Dear sir, I have a problem, error code E41E2 mechanical error, detail shows SVC over current .I have already replaced the servo belt with new one but the problem still occurs.Machine is 8600S Fujifilm. Please kindly advice on what could be causing this.
Good day
I am working grafmac ctp plate processor last 3 years.
Recently I have been working with huqe CTP plate processor machines. But since it does not have a service manual, sometimes there are some problems. Can anyone help with this processor's service manual?
Grafmac processors only comes with 3 manuals, installation, operation and maintenance manual. i can you give you those 3 manuals if you like.
Pls, give your opinions / experiences / ideas on dot gain compensation on offset printing.
Presses - KOMORI GL 40 (2014)
KOMORI GL 40 - HYBRID (2018)
For KOMORI GL 40 , We received, dot gain values of 50% tint as follows -
K - 70% , C - 69 % , M - 65 % , Y - 64 %
Screen - 175lpi ( round dot)
1/ Are these values abnormal or normal...

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What about Profitability?
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