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Variable Printing on Xerox 5000

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  • Variable Printing on Xerox 5000

    We're relatively new to Xerox 5000, after success with an Indigo 1000 running a variable application involving 5.5 x 8.5" cards, running 4 up from a web-to-print data base. The Xerox 5000 seems to have imposition problems that prevent us from smoothly matching our 4-backs with the corresponding fronts. We have DesignMerge software and the Fiery RIP, but the issue seems to be in Xerox's imposition software. Any help in understanding this will be much appreciated.

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    Re: Variable Printing on Xerox 5000

    The EFI imposition will have issues. It's not really designed to work with variable like the creo system. It can be done, but is quite tricky to set up and then maintain. However I'm wondering why you're not using a far simpler system like using your existing designmerge to do the imposition?

    I had great success with a client last year using Designmerge to an EFI/xerox 5000 series system producing personalised cards with photos, printed both sides, laid 18-up on 12x18 sheets. Page one was the front. Page two the back. I just grouped and moved one page or the other until the front-back was perfect. Although a bit of work to make up the layout page initially, I found it MUCH simpler than battling with the EFI or Xerox backend to get the imposition and front-back positioning right.

    I assume that processing speed isn't an issue. You've loads of variable print enablers and options available with designmerge suite that can accelerate things. Email me if you need some sample files.

    Kevin Trye


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      Re: Variable Printing on Xerox 5000

      Hi Bill,
      We do the same basic print as you (4 up on 12x18) on our DocuColor 8000AP with the exception of using FusionPro to bring the variable elements together with the static. It has it's own imposition software included. We compose from FusionPro, import into the Fiery and print. I do not work for Printable but will recommend spending $500.00 U.S. and giving it a try. We use it for other projects including numbering. By the way the imposition program will allow for cut and stack ordering so all your trays are kept together when you trim, and it will also allow you to compensate for your lift size at the cutter keeping all your stuff organized.


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        solution pending

        we have the same problem but we use darwin desktop and he have a Xerox DC5000AP and a CREO SPIRE RIP. see the problem is not with your vdp software for the mismatched duplex problem when using cut and stack imposition. its the RIP.
        i called engineering at creo and they are working on a patch to solve this issue.
        so be patient. what you need to do to workaround this problem is to do a manual imposition using quark or indesign but that involves imposing every page in your vdp pdf file in a 12x18 layout carefully so that the duplex is matched properly.

        what i advise you in doing is calling your xerox technical support hotline as you would call them for any problem with your dc 5000 but ask the operator to bring you up to the second level of technical problems with creo. once you've explained the problem to the engineers they will then realise that you have the same problem as many others and they will send you the rip patch to correct the problem when it will be done.

        good luck.


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