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Hello, I'm trying to download 2 PDF files 1 at 3.98 MB and the next 2.51MB which I'm told are too Large for the server.
Regards, Alois
Yes, the server has limits to file size.
Alois Senefelder
Alois Senefelder
I have had this problem many times re-posting PDFs - SO what is the Max size ????
Hello, I saw on PrintPlanet that you purchased a Firejet. I'm considering one and wanted to get some input from an actual user. We have KR addressing equipment already, so I'm familiar with the ruggedness of their builds. Any info would be appreciated. I don't even know a ballpark of what they're selling for.
Craig Dellinger
New Haven Print
Fort Wayne, Indiana
I have an HP Designjet L25500, and since the pandemic, it has been giving me some problems, I replace the lines and put in an all-new 6 printheads, I need to bleed the lines, can somebody please help me with how to do it? thanks

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