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Will you able to share TrueFlow 7.3 patches? I would be very thankful!
Our DVD with patches are completely dead... We have tried many different DVD-ROM's... nothing helps.

All the best!
@cllr you're barking up the wrong tree, @gordo 's post is nothing to do with sexism. His cartoons are just some welcome light humour once a week. If you believe the "salary negotiation" cartoon is negative towards women, I'm guessing you must find this one negative towards men.
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I also welcome gordo's cartoons, however I feel that is has missed the mark on this one. If I was off base with my interpretation, I was not alone. The comments for the interview cartoon were pointed at the cartoon message and not the people. The comments for the Salary Negotiation cartoon were directed at the female employee and had nothing to do with the "pay transparency" message Gordo was attempting to relay.
We're sorry you felt that last week's cartoon was negative commentary about women, since the target of the cartoon was actually the boss. He took advantage of her lack of knowledge about a co-worker's salary. This often occurs in non-union shops and is an experience many forum members recognize and relate to - which is likely why that cartoon received many positive "likes" from forum members.
PrintPlanet administration. I saw this on Print Planet yesterday. I am wondering if PrintPlant supports this type of negative commentary about women, like myself, in the printing industry? I have reached out to your advertisers, Avanti, Cannon, Xeikon, Koenig & Bauer, to ask if them the same question.
The joke was really funny, and not offensive to anyone who ACTUALLY sees women and men as equals.

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