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We are a company about food packaging. Our company is mainly engaged in aluminum foil rolls, aluminum foil lunch boxes, and can customize related products for you.
I am very curious how you get your konica to pull from different trays for ncr that is not pre-collated. Are you printing the same file on each sheet?
Duplicate the page in your print file...so if you need to print on 3-part NCR, then make 3 identical pages in your document. When you print, use the page level settings and specify page 1 comes from tray 3, page 2 comes from tray 4, and page 3 comes from tray 5 (for example). Make sure each tray has the exact same size, type, and weight settings (meaning they are all set to 8.5x11, 75gsm, plain for example).
Thank you so very much! I will try that!

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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