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Hi Magnus - we are just finalizing the contract with PrintIQ ourselves. I'm from Canada, and have some plans to use API's and enfocus switch to do some special automation. Just curious if you're actually up and running with PrintIQ now and how the setup process went? I have a few current users I've been talking to and figured the more the merrier so we can help one another.

Chat soon!
They have purchased the XMPie/Ustore integration but not the Prinergy integration. We have Prinergy Connect with APA, RBA and Insite, so it would seem to me that Prinergy integration should be included so we can leverage the power of RBA, but the folks at Xerox seem to have convinced them that XMPie, Ustore and Freeflow Core are the magic wands that will fix all their problems,
We are looking to go live mid March at this stage, the setup involved depends on the complexity of your shop, we have 1 offset press (down from 3 a few years ago), 2 digital presses and as with most shops, a comprehensive rage of finishing equipment from spiral binders through to Horizon finishers etc,
it's the finishing processes that really take the most setting up, as sheets through the press are quite straightforward.

Good luck with your setup, the most important advice I can give you is to keep ALL staff informed and involved in the Process


Mike (Magnus 59)
I was wondering if you had any idea what your company paid for the W+D halm super jet. We are a small commercial shop in the US looking to purchase an envelope press and are trying to figure out if the super jet would make sense for us. Thanks in advance.
Dear Khalidye,
I saw your post from last summer related to CtP. My company sells secondhand Heidelberg CtPs. I have a 2012 Heidelberg SuprasetterA106 in my stock with Autoloader and Thermal Processor. The machine is in very good condition, and can be tested. If you are still interested in buying a CtP, please let me know for further details.Kind Regards
Ozkan Hangisi

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