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A Good Estimation Tool Is A Game Changer

In the face of fierce market competition, higher sales do not necessarily reflect real profit. So, finding a print-specific estimation tool that generates accurate quotes on an array of printing and finishing devices is a must, but the search can be very challenging.


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Modern offset press performance comes with several nuances.
Chris Travis, Director of Technology at Koenig & Bauer, shares some details.
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Turning Sustainability into Cash

Turning Sustainability into Cash.
Your press may be costing you money

It is always interesting to talk with people who do different things for a living. Builders, fishermen and ski patrollers, for example, spend most of their time outdoors and have different perspectives on climate change.

Sustainability: the greatest challenge of our time—
Wading through the claims of the digital press makers, I wondered about the offset side, where most printing is still done. Knowing German press-maker Koenig & Bauer takes sustainability seriously, I reached out to Walter Chmura, VP of Technical Sales at K&B, to find out how companies running offset presses can make money while using environmentally sustainable practices. I’ve found Chmura to be a good source because he has spent time running a large press, knows the good and the bad, and can talk about what is going on without pushing product.
By Noel Ward, Editor@Large

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