Why AI is a Bit Like Having Kids (part 1)

Why AI is a Bit Like Having Kids (part 1)

What matters is the training

How can a printer use AI? You are probably already using some of AI’s most basic forms. AI may be automating paper & ink ordering based on inventory quantities, aided by barcodes being scanned as materials arrive and are used, perhaps basing the order on how much is in your bank account. What else does AI hold for printing? Sit tight..

But first, a little to help you know what AI is and isn’t.


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Because Listening Matters

Because Listening Matters
An exclusive interview with Canon EVP Francis McMahon

Interviews are a great way to hear how people in our industry think, because listening matters. I managed to catch up with Francis McMahon, EVP at Canon Solutions America.

The back-and-forth conversation with Francis could easily have gone on for over an hour because of his deep interest in the industry, how it works, the ever-changing technology, and the state of play that torques the printing market in one direction or the other. Francis was in Atlanta at PRINTING United, and I asked him about inkjet…

NW: Inkjet has become the leading technology for digital printing. I’ve been in print shops that had offset, toner and inkjet equipment. Each business owner said he needed all three to satisfy customer needs. What do you think is driving this transition?

By Noel Ward, Editor@Large


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