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Can ink levels and expiration dates be reset on original ink chips without losing your printer's warranty? The answer is yes, in a single click. Most importantly, you can still use your original chips and any ink you choose.


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Modern offset press performance comes with several nuances.
Chris Travis, Director of Technology at Koenig & Bauer, shares some details.
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Digitalization leads to Profitability

Always Follow the Money. Always.
Digitalization leads to Profitability

You could not help noticing that the press operator was a little tense. “It sure would be useful,” he remarked, making sure you heard him, “to know ahead of time about the jobs in the queue so I could plan better.” You asked what he meant. He said the production department crew sending the jobs to the shop floor did not have the complete picture about the 41-inch 8-color press he ran. He described how the incoming mix of PMS colors and four-color process work, which included some black-only jobs, meant several wash-ups would be required, limiting how much printed work could be accomplished during the shift.
By Noel Ward, Editor@Large

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Latest Canon Research - Part 4

Canon 2022
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