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Today’s market demands printing operations produce hundreds of print orders daily. using various analog and digital technologies. Automation and integration of these processes are a company’s competitive differentiators.
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Canon 2022
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Modern offset press performance comes with several nuances.
Chris Travis, Director of Technology at Koenig & Bauer, shares some details.
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Give Customers More

What? Fire A Customer!
Sooner or later the moment of reckoning arrives…
There are always customers that cost you money, are too aggravating to work with or simply not worth the revenue they bring in. So what do you do? Do you proactively suggest they go elsewhere, or would a more subtle approach be better? Either way, the result can improve the life of your business and that of your employees.

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Latest Canon Research - Part 3

Canon 2022
Propelling Your Business Forward In An Ever-Changing Business Environment
Part 3: Pinpointing and Pursuing High-Growth Print Applications
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