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G7 Canon Interview

G7 Revealed: Interviewing a Color Expert
Because learning more is always better

Offset printing has set expectations for printed color pretty high. Meanwhile digital color, since creeping into the market in 1993, has received its fair share of abuse, considered at best a pretender to the throne. Yet nearly every successful print shop now has both technologies under its roof, claiming both are essential to success. But getting digital and offset color to play well together has been difficult. Comments from some offset die-hards illuminated the differences and challenges: “Huh. You can tell it’s toner. It behaves like toner,” or “It looks OK,” there’s always a pause, “for a digital print.” Read The Article
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By Noel Ward, Editor@Large


digital storefornt
Why Would Anyone Want To Go To A Print Shop?
A capable digital storefront can be every bit as important as a solid workflow and both are absolutely critical to success.
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