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  • Dry Ice Blasting...

    Hi everyone. I am an engineering student. I read something called dry ice blasting while browsing net. Well I don’t know why, but I am curious to know about it. I know about traditional labor intensive methods like scrapers, wire brushes, sand blasting and pressure washing. I know dry ice is basically solid form of CO2, but I have no clue about this dry ice blasting.
    Can somebody throw some light on this or at least suggest some site where I can find some info on this.


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    Re: Dry Ice Blasting...


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      Re: Dry Ice Blasting...

      Hey Sam. Must say buddy, you are quite a curious fellow. You are right dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide (Co2). And you must be aware that it is as hard as a plaster and under atmospheric pressure it sublimes at a temperature of -78oC.

      Dry ice blasting is a process of cleaning equipments. It is very much in demand nowadays, as it is very environment friendly, safe and cost effective. You would be surprised to know the number of industries it caters to; automotive, power plants, packaging, food and beverage, plastics, aerospace etc.

      As this cleaning technology doesn’t use any chemical solvents lubricants and water; it’s considered ideal for electrical equipments and food and beverage industry.

      Dry ice blasting is superior to sand blasting, pressure washing etc. It has lots of benefits. Its not possible to list them out here. Why don’t you check out These guys provide dry ice blasting services and other environmental and industrial services and you will get some information on their site.



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        Re: Dry Ice Blasting...

        Try they had a booth at Graph Expo, very interesting.


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          Re: Dry Ice Blasting...

          Might be a sound enviromental way of cleaning a press but care must be taken not to dry ice any sensors, damping pan sensors espescially.


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            Re: Dry Ice Blasting...

            We had our large format 77" press dry iced when it was moved to another facility. It came out great!


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              Re: Dry Ice Blasting...


              Had three presses dry iced,

              Had damage to:

              oil seals
              Air Lines
              Central Lubrication system.

              Need to be very carful, dry ink / grease etc came off the press looked great.

              Cost shit loads to repair the presses.



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                Re: Dry Ice Blasting...

                React365 Corp is a leader in Dry Ice Blasting (print industry) and other industrial cleaning solutions. I would be happy to provide informative (and accurate) information about this environmentally friendly solution to many "cleaning needs" -- in many industries.



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