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Can't access other Mac's in the network

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  • Can't access other Mac's in the network

    Hi guys,

    I am working on G5, it was fine till yesterday, but today I dont know what is wrong with it, there is some thing wrong with the network, it can read the dongol of Preps from the server, and Prinergy Evo can work normaly, but when I try to access the folders of Prinergy Input, VPS, or any other Refine folder it keept trying to read then it hang, then I have to force quit and refresh the finder to get it working again, same thing happen when I try to access other Mac's through netowrk, and same thing happen too with the other Built-in Ethernet, both built-in Ethernet are working fine with the internet.

    Can any hero here find what is worng with my Mac,

    thanks in advance,


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    Re: Can't access other Mac's in the network

    The first thing would be to define any recent changes, to your workstation or the network in general. Also, what are the specs on your Mac in particular - OS Version and System updates recently, etc?


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      Re: Can't access other Mac's in the network

      are you mounting the server/Evo with SMB or AFP?


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        Re: Can't access other Mac's in the network

        Did you already "Connect to server" first before you open your EVO, Preps, etc? I think EVO is a Floating License. You may need to open your server and double check if the cables thru the hub are properly connected.


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          Re: Can't access other Mac's in the network

          Hero eh?

          If you have two ethernet ports I'd suspect a routing problem. I don't know about having to force quit but network problems can take a long time to give up. As computers get more and more convinced that networks are always available and always fast, they get less tolerant of network faults. It may not have been a change on your machine but something else out in the network that effects routing tables. Often enough your Mac can figure out how to get packets out to another machine but that machine sends it's replies back on a wrong route. I have seen situations where some apps. and dongle licensing communications happen via Apple talk which is not truly routed so machines on different IP subnets that share hubs can find each other but IP packets get sent to a router bound for the internet because the routing tables don't know the subnet is quasi local.

          Probably not heroic because none of this is things you can control from your mac.

          Run your network utility and see if you can Ping the server in question. Then, go to the traceroute tab and run the same IP. The ping will tell you if there's at least a gut level IP communication between the two machines. If it pings then your network is fine and you've got some other problem. If it fails, the traceroute will give you an idea of where the packets go and at what point the routers stop knowing how to reply. There's a potential gotcha here which is that some servers don't reply to pings as a way of keeping a low profile but not typically on LANs. have the server admin run the same pings and traces to your mac and if there's a network problem, you'll find it.


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            Re: Can't access other Mac's in the network

            It will be the Mac OS or the hot folder utilities itself. 1 or the other MUST have been updated between the time where it did work and the time where it did not work. EFI RIPs are all affected by 10.5 and there's even a difference between 10.5.0 and 10.5.2 and EFI hotfolder utilities working. Not a network issue or a cable issue - an OS or RIP sw issue for sure.


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