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USB Flash Drive and OS 9

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  • USB Flash Drive and OS 9


    How to get actual OS9 system to recognize a USB flash drive. Would loading invisible Db etc from another source onto it perhaps work?
    I want the larger flash drive for larger sneakernet use. I know, but don't ask okay?
    Of course it sees it fine if I boot in OSX (as advertised). No I cannot use Classic on one or two machine, hence the sneakernet approach.

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    Re: USB Flash Drive and OS 9

    So you are in Mac OS 9.1 and you physically connect the USB flash drive, but it does not show up on the desktop? Open the Mac OS 9.1 Disc First Aid application (I know this does not sound right, but...), does this see it? Next open the Disc formatting application, does this see it?

    Assuming they do not see anything boot into Mac OS X, connect the USB flash drive and open Disc and see if you can see the USB flash drive listed.

    Click the ERASE tab and format the USB flash drive, but (and here is the important bit) make sure that you check the include OS 9 drivers checkbox.

    Boot back into Mac OS 9 and see if this works. If not it is time to Google your particular USB flash drive and see if there is anything on it - sorry.
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