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  • IL CS 3 Warnings

    One of our locations has installed IL CS 3 on 2 Mirrored Doored G4's with 1.25 GB Ram. They both have over 32 GB free space on their drives. On both computers they occasionally received this one:

    "Can't open the Illustration. Can't print the illustration. Disk full error has occurred while it's printing."

    They are not printing, just trying to open a file. Other apps opened the last time they received this message are:


    When they installed IL CS3 they also updated to 10.4.10 and repaired permissions.

    Any help with solving this challenge is appreciated.


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    Re: IL CS 3 Warnings

    Hi Bill,
    Try running Disk Utility first to make sure your drive is fine then run another utility (we use to remove system/application caches files.


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      Re: IL CS 3 Warnings

      Are you running across the network opening off the server, trying to open directly on or from the CD/DVD, or off your hard drive?



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        Re: IL CS 3 Warnings

        If the problem persists, try trashing your AI's prefs (hold Cmd-Opt-Shift on startup, or manually trash them).


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          Re: IL CS 3 Warnings

          Been using Cocktail, (the gruntier one you pay a few bucks for, well worth it). It's got everything you need to "tidy up", including the all-important cache cleaning.. You'll find options in there to include Adobe apps. That's on top of the aforementioned Prefs dump, of course. Nice bit of friendly Swedish shareware. Just google "cocktail mac", should find it no worries.


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            Re: IL CS 3 Warnings


            Thanks for the suggestions. I do not think the location that is having problems uses any software like Cocktail or onyX. I do use Onyx on my laptop but have never dumped system or application cache. What, if any settings are lost when system caches are dumped?

            I will be at the "troubled site" this week and will discuss and purchase a maintenance utility of some sort for them to use.

            Cocktail, onyX, or Maintenance (one I have not heard of) - preferences on which one is "best" and why, would be appreciated.

            Thanks to all for the helpful suggestions.



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