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  • Small PDF from IDCS3


    I have a rather complex layout file in ID CS3 with several layers of vector gradients, intricate Illustrator designs, and some vector elements with opacity settings and drop shadows. Type is placed on layers above these. I have simplified many elements and optimized the layout considerably. It prints fine. Previewing in high quality display will really slow it down.

    However, I happen to get overly large PDF files. They range from 3 to 5 MB out of this file. I could use a smaller file size to send to the client for proof approval. Does anyone have any secrets to getting these down under at least 2 MB? This seems to be the usual size limit to an email attachment.

    I have used Distiller settings for keeping the resolution down to 72 ppi, flattening transparency, etc. But is there possibly some "magic" tweak, short of rasterizing all these layers to pixels, that could do the trick?


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    Re: Small PDF from IDCS3

    *temporarily* set your document blend space to RGB, and then export Smallest PDF. Make sure to set blending space back to CMYK before saving and closing document.



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      Re: Small PDF from IDCS3

      ANd I would leave the transparency settings alone, since the smallest PDF is not flattening transparency (which is fine for on-screen proof to your customer), but you will want your transparency set to high (or better yet actual output device, e.g. 2400 dpi vs 1200 dpi) when flattening for print.



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        Re: Small PDF from IDCS3

        Thanks for those suggestions. They only had minimal effect, however. But at this point, anything helps.

        This did seem to take care of some transparency artifacts I was getting in one spot. And that's a good thing.


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          Re: Small PDF from IDCS3

          In Acrobat, under File, there's a "Reduce File Size" command which may help. I've had various results from 10% to 50% reduction in file size.


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            Re: Small PDF from IDCS3

            Use Apago PDF Shrink or Apago PDF Enhancer to get the most bang for your buck. If you have Acrobat Pro you can use the PDF Optimizer feature.
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