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InDesign's default paragraph composer!

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  • InDesign's default paragraph composer!

    It is odd Adobe would considered the default paragraph composer as the better way to automatically managing word spacing, H&J and glyph. While to most untrained eyes, paragraph composer does seem to do a better job, if you are to ask any trained typographers they will likely tell you otherwise.

    Switching to single-line composer is certainly one option but this is when we learn about InDesign's silly silly problem. If you have a first line indent setup and try hanging a quote or anywhere within a paragraph. It automatically picks up the indent setting! One easy solution is to use tabs instead but when you have a large book interior (say 400pg long) that's a lot of tabs to hit. Another solution would be to manually set paragraphs where there is a hanging quote.

    This is a minor issue but it sure annoys the hell out of our designer who has a very good eye for bad typography.

    Edited by: Tech on Nov 14, 2007 9:33 PM

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    Re: InDesign's default paragraph composer!

    Old wise saying Tech, opinions are like arses, everyone has one, and they all stink. Indy's multi-line text composition IMO is way better than what I used to see coming out of Quark for example, when Amateurs do the formating.


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      Re: InDesign's default paragraph composer!

      I wouldn't take our designers' comments seriously if she don't understand kerning from leading. The fact, she can look at a typeface and identify a typeface without much hesitation tells me her opinion is worth my time to look into the problem.


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