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2007 AGFA Advantage 3850 CLS CtP Dongles

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  • 2007 AGFA Advantage 3850 CLS CtP Dongles

    I have two issues

    First I am an equipment sales person but I need help with a parts issue.
    I acquired two 2007 AGFA CLS CtP 3850 with two, VSP85S processors, two, Dell 690 servers and discovered the previous owner chose not to part with the dongles. Something I ignorantly (stupidly) overlooked .

    Can anyone tell me about what the costs of reacquiring two dongles will be? I am guesing I or the next buyer will have to buy the entire SW platform. I have the software discs for Arkitex Rev Level 3.15.13 .

    Does anyone have a clue what repalcement costs should be. Because I am not an end user getting information from AGFA has been next to impossible.

    Secondly I want to sell them together or seperately does anyone have any suggestions of any newspapers planning to deploy this platform.


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    Re: 2007 AGFA Advantage 3850 CLS CtP Dongles

    Hi Bruce,

    Being an Agfa customer (although I do not have the products you speak of) I can tell you from my experience that dongles are everything to Agfa. Most of their products won't work without them so it is probably safe to say (unless you are able to work out an arrangement) that they will likely want to charge full intellectual property price.

    Any idea why the seller did not want to part with the dongles since they were programmed to only work with the products that you now have?

    Best Wishes,


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      Re: 2007 AGFA Advantage 3850 CLS CtP Dongles

      I can confirm what Jon wrote earlier. You won't get a new dongle from Agfa. If it is a license managed software, maybe You have a chance, but I am not sure today's license policy allow the dongle replacement.
      I think You have to visit the seller with a big hammer and...


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        Re: 2007 AGFA Advantage 3850 CLS CtP Dongles

        There are numerous reasons. If this wasn't such a public platform I could go into more detail. It is not negative about the equipment just the politics and motivations of certain types of clients that can sometimes disgruntle me.

        Sufice to say I want to make the price attractive enough so that even with the cost of the newer higher Rev Level SW everyone comes out on top. So I have madde the price competely negotiable until I find out more about the cost of obtaining the SW upgrades to what is today's current Rev Level.

        I am calling every single newspaper who deploys multiple units of these so they can have them as inexpensive as humanly possible as emergency backup units. So I have to price the HW so the SW cost does not make buying the HW prohibitive. AGFA has already agreed to T&M service for them. AGFA decomissioned them, and they are packaged in their original boxes right down to the original Blue polyethene wrapping.

        If you guys know someone to pass it along to let me know.


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          Re: 2007 AGFA Advantage 3850 CLS CtP Dongles

          Well I thought I would up date you guys. So far everyone I have talked to has gone bonkers over these two Advantage CLS. YES! Dongles are a sticky wicket but at the price I am asking the $28,000.00 AGFA has quoted for replacement Dongles makes that bearable. No one is complaining about the price of either a single line or a combined price. I had one Production manager sharpen his pencil but in the end they had to opt for two 300 pph CtP of another brand as opposed to my two plus one new from AGFA. What is getting in my way now is talking to the right people. They are not suits, suits are too dismissive too quickly but when I get to the Khaki uniformed or plaid shirt and blue jean crowd I have a cadre of them trying to figure the best way to get these through the Bureaucratic Purchasing BS in a timely enough manner they wont be sold should they go through the exercise

          Does anyone have any suggestions how to hasten purchasing protocols. Don't get me wrong I have only talked to about 10 or 12 on a list of about 100 News papers. The one or two Production VP's thus far sort of delete before reading, or politely reply thanks but no thanks, you can tell they haven't read any details but plate managers or production managers are all over these, not one negative reply (unless like one guy the mere mention of the word AGFA and you get a litany of why he hates their attitude and their gear) but the other either seem to lack the cajones, or the know how to push through. To a man they either want these for back ups or I had a couple guys say they would like them as primaries.

          Any thoughts???????


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