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  • Canon Colour Printer Rip suggestions...


    I am looking to get a Canon Colour 5185 Machine for a print/copy business. We currently have a IKON
    CPP500(Minolta) that took over a year and a half of hell, to finally get it to print properly. It was a CREO RIP that turned things around, and resolved unbelievable colour issues and inconsistencies. It's like a completely different machine when we took off the Fiery RIP and replaced it with a CREO. I am getting very good colour for the price now.

    Anyhow, as a second unit, I was thinking about a Canon 5185. I saw a demo of it and the C1 and was really blown away, but for the price of the 5185 and it's ability to print 50 pages a minute, along with impressive colour quality for the price. I also like that it was a Canon and therefore user friendly for young ever-changing staff, especially with respect to photo-coping jobs. The Minolta (IKON CPP500) royally sucks for photocopying (it's too sensitive to room light) and does not have a very user friendly interface.

    My question is has anybody a Canon 5185 or equivalent model in the 30-40 page per minute versions? What RIP would you recommend. The choice is Fiery only either a H1 or a GX100 RIP, The GX100 is about $16,000 more and that isn't even with the Graphic arts package! I don't want to go through what I did with the CPP500, so I am hoping someone has some experience, knowledge or advise. We will probably be printing 80,000-100,000 impression a year, but we have peak rush periods where we can rush lots of prints at given times. My experience with Canon is they it tends to work much better with the Fiery RIPS.

    I hope someone can help and I am happy I found this place!

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    Re: Canon Colour Printer Rip suggestions...

    we have the c3200 which is the precursor to the 5185. we have the fiery rip c1. color on the machine is terrible. we just got an ikon cpp 550 with the fiery rip and it is 10 times the machine. I compared output from the 5185, konika minolta, and xerox. I like the xerox best for quality , but we settled on the ikon cpp550


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      Re: Canon Colour Printer Rip suggestions...

      How about the file that is being sent to the output device. Are the profiles from the applications the same. Are all the files coming from the same computer or different computers. It may be the profilng could have changed. Example: If an application was updated or upgraded. That profile for your press may have changed too. Go through and just take a peek. It is faster to do this than pull your hair out at the press level. Start at the begging.

      Good Luck on your Blue Day


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        Re: Canon Colour Printer Rip suggestions...

        This reply was suppose to go to this thread. Sorry ! Oppps !


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