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AGFA LAP-V exposure check

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  • AGFA LAP-V exposure check

    I've probably asked this before but can't trace the answer, so here goes.

    We're running LAP-V plates thru' a Palladio 30. The digicontrol strip at the base of the plate is showing 1x1 circle clearly, 2x2 just discernable all others merged with background. 1 micron lines barely visible, 2 microns clear.

    On occasions, particularly where pale tints are involved (say 4 to 5%) the tints break down and I have to drop the laser intensity. I'm sure we started off with an intensity of around 70 on installation (around 3 years ago) but gradually we've got down to 40 to maintain light tints.

    Any input appreciated.

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    Re: AGFA LAP-V exposure check

    Boy oh boy - no reply for a week! I even think I just saw some tumbleweed go by


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      Re: AGFA LAP-V exposure check

      Hi Richard,

      Although we have a Galileo, I can tell you what our experience has been (and what Agfa has told us).

      On the exposure wedge, we were told that to achieve a nominal exposure, the 1x1 circle should be slightly darker than its background (not sure if this is true for a Palladio though).

      We have had problems in the past with highlights dropping off. As such, we adjusted our plate curve to compensate by bumping the highlights up a little bit. This has solved the problem for us.

      Not sure if this will help or not but I hope it does :-)


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        Re: AGFA LAP-V exposure check

        Thanks for that Joe - I'll wait a little while to see if other replies concur.


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          Re: AGFA LAP-V exposure check

          Hi Richard,

          We are using a Xitron rip, Galileo VS Ctp, LP 82 Ultra processor and LAP-V plates. We are constantly tweeking our exposure curves from the 1-7% and the 93-99%. The balance seems to stay decent at our base exposure. We clean the optics and run a test exposure plate every Monday. Hope this helps out.



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