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Random ArtPro crashing

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  • Random ArtPro crashing

    I am running ArtPro 8.6 rev2, on OS X 10.4.11. The error I receive is: "Severe error: UnmappedMemoryException (4)) There is nothing in the file aside from black text, all converted to outlines. Importing the file on another ArtPro station yields no problems. All of our Macs are configured exactly the same (all running 10.4.11, 4 gigs of RAM, 2x2.66 Dual-Core Xeon CPU) I get this error sporadically, and it doesn't happen on every file. I've seen the error message upon importing, printing and/or using the Tabular Step & Repeat module. Does anyone else get this error while using ArtPro? I never see it while using any other application. I would think if I had bad RAM, my Mac would be crashing while doing other things. Any idea?

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    Re: Random ArtPro crashing


    I've run into that error in different versions of Artpro. I don't really know what the cause is (partially because AWS never gave me a satisfying answer). I tend to notice it only happens when the file contains a large contone or lot's of paths. But with only black text, strange.

    I'd download a new build and see if it solves the problem...


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      Re: Random ArtPro crashing

      Thanks for the reply. Is over-writing the current install good enough, or should i remove everything and start from scratch? Thanks again!


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        Re: Random ArtPro crashing

        I usually keep 1 revision back just in case the latest and greatest aint so great, got 2 installs right now I just stuff the older version to prevent accidentall launching it.

        Good luck on that error I have been using AP since v 3 something and have had it ever since. Seems to happen after running/opening closing files in AP for an extended time.

        I once asked what that error was along with a couple more so I could troubleshoot and was told the folks in Belgium don't give out that info.


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