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Esko and Artwork Systems become EskoArtwork

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  • Esko and Artwork Systems become EskoArtwork

    I'll be hanging out in here for the most part I suppose.

    p.s. Is that really the name they are going to use?

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    Re: Hello

    Yes, the press release went out this morning:

    +Esko and Artwork Systems become EskoArtwork+

    +Esko and Artwork Systems announce the completion of their merger transactions. The new combined business will go forward under the EskoArtwork brand, a name that reflects the strong heritage and broad customer base of the founding companies.+

    +EskoArtwork is the global market leader for innovative design, pre-production and collaboration solutions to the packaging industry. EskoArtwork also provides a broad range of workflow solutions to the commercial printing market, as well as the Enfocus suite of PDF tools for graphic designers and print production professionals.+

    +Bringing together the best products, people and practices of the integrated companies, EskoArtwork is ready to support its customers' needs through a global sales and support network, including distribution partners, backed by its 1,000 dedicated professionals.+


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      Re: Hello


      Yeah, this merger is kind of ironic as we were torn between the two systems as our

      new workflow. I wonder how much intergration we'll see?


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        Re: Hello

        They sure didn't put much thought into that one. I'm sure though they will pull a CreoScitex on us and drop the Artwork at some point in the not to distant future.

        I'm crossing my fingers they don't mangle AWS product line to badly.


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          Re: Hello

          Or they could go right back to their roots and adopt the name of....


          Edited by: Colin Gilham on Aug 31, 2007 5:46 AM


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            Re: Hello

            Dont forget PCC in there somewhere ;-)


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              the Merger

              One of the main concerns as Esko and Artwork System have merged is that the integration of these two very strong teams and product lines into one is done in a manner that does not put to disadvantage any of its current user bases. Neither users of Esko or Artwork Systems products are going to lose support for the investments they have made, or are thinking of making in the near future.

              If you really stop and look at the portfolio of products and technologies that have been brought to the table with this merger it is pretty astounding. In an industry where speed of processing, automation, and error-free production is key you have some of the most sophisticated tools and development teams in the industry now all under one roof. The result can only benefit the current and future users of these products and technologies.


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                Re: the Merger

                Well as an Esko employee you kind of have to be optimistic I suppose. The rest of us can remain a little cynical.

                I've seen a fair amount of mergers/buyouts in my few years in the biz and it doesn't always go smooth. Time will tell I reckon. (I've moved to the south so I can say reckon now)

                Gotta run I want to get the new version of Freehand.

                (But seriously I miss my Freehand)


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                  Re: Esko and Artwork Systems become EskoArtwork

                  This is cynicism. So in future Artpro and Barco is the same? This can only be good for Kodac's Pandora.


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                    Re: Esko and Artwork Systems become EskoArtwork

                    This is cynicism. *Guilty as charged*

                    So in future Artpro and Barco is the same? *Being that they are 2 completely different products I doubt it but , who knows*

                    This can only be good for Kodac's Pandora. *From my cursory glance Pandora aint got squat on Artpro*

                    *but I've shot off my mouth before without all the facts, so here's a grain of salt to go with my reply*



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                      Re: Esko and Artwork Systems become EskoArtwork

                      A healthy dose of cynicism is what in many cases persuades us to look closer at things before we commit or believe. Not a bad virtue in measured amounts.
                      In that light, for those attending GraphExpo 07 in Chicago next week, stop by the EskoArtwork booths and see and hear for yourselves more about our combined product lines and where we are going from here.


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                        Re: Esko and Artwork Systems become EskoArtwork

                        In my previous life that wouldn't be a problem as I lived 2 hours from Chi-town, now that I'm 14 hours away don't think I'm gonna make it

                        I'll have to settle for the scraps of info after the fact.

                        (god I'd kill for a Chicago dog or a slice of pie)


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                          Re: Esko and Artwork Systems become EskoArtwork

                          So... after a month has gone by, is it too early to ask if there is any new info about the merger?

                          Has there been any rumors about consolidation or discontinuation of products?

                          – Chris


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