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Kompac III on GTO 46 scumming and can't find a fix. (Pictures in post)

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  • Kompac III on GTO 46 scumming and can't find a fix. (Pictures in post)

    Our GTO is an older unit but is still our workhorse, but can't run screens anymore, and ink builds up on sides and edge of plate. Kompac forms are new and we typically run 1/8 strip on water (distilled) unit.
    Fountain solution - Formula 300
    Plates - AB Dick Elite (Mark Andy) / Fuji
    Ink - SunChemical
    Ink on lead edge and sides Screens plugged

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    There are a whole list of things to check:

    Ink form rollers to plate/oscillators
    Calcification of rollers
    New blanket
    Packing of blanket
    Ink with more tack -or increase current ink`s tack-
    Dampening fountain temperature
    Proper development of plates

    A few pointers to get you started hope that helps good luck


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      Hello cwatts,

      The first picture tells you all !!!!! poor roller settings.

      With correct Inking/Dampening Roller setting - you should just see a "Thin Scum Line" at the leading edge of the plate bend, across the width of the plate,

      it should be about - 1mm thick line.

      Regards, Alois


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        Hi cwatts,

        There is also a ton of calcium contamination. Rollers look extremely hard and glazed, look at the shine. Try Calcium Slayer and Flush. No better way to attack a calcium problem.


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          What you are seeing IS - INK SHINE !


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            Hello cwatts,

            Question: The Plate Cylinder Bearers - look DULL, are they ??. When they should look "Bright and Shiny "

            Regards, Alois


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              what time did you replace those rollers on water unit? looks like you need a new set


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                Hi cwatts,

                Any resolution to your scumming issue ? I thought of your inquiry at a recent press cleaning.

                I still think it is calcium glaze, not "ink shine". I mean that with no disrespect to the esteemed minds on this forum. Your experience and knowledge is immense and I will continue to learn much from you.

                I cleaned an RMGT Series 9 LED-UV press on Saturday using a new product. The far right of the roller is what the entire roller looked like prior to the cleaning. The remainder of the roller is after the cleaning.

                This photo is from the black unit. There is a distinct difference, as you can clearly see.

                The calcium glaze and contamination was high even though the press is cleaned every week, because calcium is a major problem in the pressroom. No one can stop it and current offerings on the market do not clean thoroughly. They may help somewhat but truly are ineffective overall. Calcium traps everything in the rollers. It acts as a "laminate". Once the calcium was gone we released an enormous amount of ink, paper lint, gum and other roller debris. The photo of the wash-up tray shows that as well.

                I think the photos are quite revealing as to what is contributing, in part, to the GTO52 print issues. There may be other problems you face, cwatts, but calcium contamination is surely one of them.


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                  Question....did this start after the conversion to the Elite plates? I'm having similar issues but only on the elite plates not on the anthem pro ones.


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                    Thanks everyone for their responses! I was never able to fixing the calcium issues with the ink before the press motor died! Our GTO had 90 mil impressions on it, and was just worn out. We did get a newer GTO 52 and seems to run great with a Crestline water unit. Thanks again for all the help. Have a great holiday


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