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heidelberg feeder pile drive.

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  • heidelberg feeder pile drive.

    Hello everybody,

    My Heidelberg 102CD is 2010 and the feeder pile motor is not functioning well.
    It turns off few times a day. It gets back to work after bypassing the alert
    by clicking that It has been fixed.

    I sent it to an expert to repair it 2 times but it didn't help.

    The Heidelberg agent here in Israel says that the motor should be replaced
    by a new one.
    I asked for a quotation and it costs 7400€!!!
    Could you believe it? Such amount for such a small motor?

    I would appreciate any of your advice.

    Zamir Bar-Lev,
    Printiv Press, Israel.

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    Hi sir
    Good day
    I am asking you , what kind control of Cptronic do you have?
    Let me know, for to give you some tech Tips Help.


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      Dear Chock,

      In the new models there is no Cptronic.
      Now it comes with the Preset Plus Feeder which is controlled
      by The Prinect Press Center.

      I also believe that the problem is not in the motor, because when I bypass it
      on the screen, it gets back to work, so maybe it's a software issue.

      I can send you photos of the screen if needed.

      Thanks and regards,


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        Dear Mr Zamir:
        Hi Good day, i was checking their possibilities for his faults.
        Please follow this steps:
        1)Make a basic adjustment of the Feeder to the Presse with the system Preset Plus F.
        2)Adjust the Feeder clutch
        3) Look for 4 toothed belts drive for Feeder, if are oke or worn
        4)Look for the tension Belt drive of the Feeder.
        5) Adjust 1Y66 feeder clutch/1Y75 feeder brake
        6) Finllay Test the Board LTM 15000/3000 depende of the year of his machine, they provide control electronic/electrical for brushless auxiliary drive, like the motor of Feeder. Measure +380VDC +24Vdc, the provide Votlage of the brake motor too.
        In short the circuit board electronic, can be faulty. And not necessarily the auxiliary Drive motor Feeder.
        What happen, the electronic board, can be heated by some electronic components line: transistor leakage, capacitor bulged or leakage, resistors out of tolerance, of board with dry or cold solder, Reheating.
        Of course do not forget to take test for the Clutch and brake( can be reheating).
        Remember use the schematic diagram for troubleshooting.
        Let me know


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          Dear Sir:
          Hi hope you are well,Good day
          Finally did you fix it?
          Let me know.



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            Dear Chock,

            Sorry for my late reply. I have not seen the alert for your response...
            Listen Chock, I'm only the owner of a Printing Shop.
            I'm sorry. I don't quite understand your analysis.
            Are you an engineer? Heidelberg expert?

            I can pass your advises to the local Heidelberg agents here in Israel, but they
            prefer to replace the motor for 6000€ (after huge discount!!!)

            I found a used one which was dismounted from 2010 machine
            for 2000€, offered by a Chinese Company. My machine is 2011.

            Would you like to come to fix it? Where are you from?

            Thanks anyway, I will try to follow the steps in your suggestion
            and let you know.

            Gratefully yours,


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              Hi my friend:

              I am Triple: Ex engineer electronic, electrical, IT software - BSEE. P.E ,over 46 years of experienced training in troubleshooting, installing,repairing ,design and advice in graphic arts equipment.

              Trained by heidelberg, polar, and many others company around the world, was living in USA,working and studying.

              But now Retired by my age. Not more travel,only Support via Online i am appreciated his offer but i can not do that.

              However i have another colleague available for to travel if you desire.

              Please do the steps that i did indicate and let me know to my personal email show here or WhatsApp.

              My country is Managua, Nicaragua, Central America.

              Let me know.


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