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Prinergy 4 is slowing down...

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  • Prinergy 4 is slowing down...


    As I said in the title, my Prinergy is now slowing down...
    When I do "Apple T" to take my input files, it is horribly slow to import them.

    Restarting the whole flow does not change the deal !

    Any idea ?


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    Re: Prinergy 4 is slowing down...

    Are you using an Xserve as your tertiary server? Lots of complaints about this with Prinergy 4. Call the RC.


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      Re: Prinergy 4 is slowing down...

      We had similar problems when Prinergy tried to activate files through the finder, It happened when trying to launch acrobat by double clicking the file in Prinergy or adding files pretty much anything that went through the Mac finder. We tracked it down to the DNS settings. If you have a machine that isnt running slow check its DNS settings against the ones running slow. Also double check that the Prinergy server and your workstations are using the same DNS settings.

      Hope this helps

      Carrell Wiers

      Edited by: Carrell Wiers on May 14, 2008 8:17 PM


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        Re: Prinergy 4 is slowing down...

        hi Sylvain...
        check your Prinergy host server, normally this would due to workflow it nearing its capacity, it needs to be free at least 10% from its total capacity enable it running smoothly. Do a archiving for ur job..say at least once a week..


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          Re: Prinergy 4 is slowing down...

          Thanks to all, I'm going to check everything.

          Yes, we use an Apple Xserve as tertiary server with 2 Xserve RAID for files.
          BUT : I will never let you say it is because of the Xserves !

          On Kodak eCentral website, there are many "new" posts dealing with issues since the Prinergy 4 is here !
          By the way, I said Kodak I will use those Xserve BEFORE we do the migration from prinergy 3 (no Xserve used) to Prinergy 4, they sent me a paper on how to configure the Xserve(s). EVERYTHING is ok from there !

          One thing : Sometimes, the light on the Gigabit Switch was turning from Green (Giga Speed) to Orange (100Mb), and we could see on the Primary server the speed had slowed down.
          It seems a RJ45 was scratched and we replaced it. We are checking now to see if it has solved the problem.

          Wait and see !


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