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Free RIPing on Prinergy 4.0 server via FTP

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  • Free RIPing on Prinergy 4.0 server via FTP

    Courtesy of my client The hot folder will take PDF Postscript and rasterized to a 600 dpi image with a PDF wrapper. This is the new PDF rip from Adobe, able to handle transparencies.

    username customer password bark21

    More instructions on accessing the ftp server can be found at

    Ftp server will stay up until we exceed bandwidth restrictions on our ISP (we are a small shop)

    cheers, DJ

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    Re: Free RIPing on Prinergy 4.0 server via FTP

    Your customer may want to check the EULA for this type of service. Yes, it's free, but you'll want to check out the EULA
    Matt Beals
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      Re: Free RIPing on Prinergy 4.0 server via FTP

      maybe I missed something...

      I can upload a "pdf postscript" and get back a rasterized a pdf wrapper.

      wtf am I to do with that? and why?


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        Re: Free RIPing on Prinergy 4.0 server via FTP

        This RIP is supposed to be able to process PDFs with transparent objects seamlessly. Sooo, if you have files that you can't RIP properly in your workflow, check it out in ours.

        If everything is fine at your shop, and is always fine, and always will be fine, then ummmmmmm, this is probably of no interest to you.


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          Re: Free RIPing on Prinergy 4.0 server via FTP

          What EULA? You mean with Kodak? Or with Shaw, our cable provider?

          cheers, DJ


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            Re: Free RIPing on Prinergy 4.0 server via FTP

            End User License Agreement.

            And I think your fine. I used to give my customers access to and FTP folder that was also a hotfolder for my RIPsystem. Worked really well for those clients too. Wish I could get more to do it. Esspecially the ones that never give us enough time.

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