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    Hi, I'm having trouble finding a good software that could optimize my pdf in order to make them very small. I always send high quality pdf to the printer but I want to make very small pdf in order to email them for screen purpose only. I've tried many softwares with more or less results.

    Right now the smallest pdf i got was around 2 Mb for a 20 pages document.
    I'd like to get to 500 k - 800k maximum.

    Any suggestions or tips

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    Re: Small PDF

    You don't mention what software you HAVE tried?

    For example, Acrobat 8 Professional includes a "PDF Optimizer". Did you try
    that? If so, with what settings?

    Apago offers their PDF Enhancer and PDFshrink products. Did you try either
    of those? If so, with what settings?

    There is also PDFCompress and others. What did you try?

    Also, 2 megs for a 20 page document is pretty good assuming that you have a
    mix of text and graphics and all your fonts are embedded as they should be.

    But again, we can only GUESS....



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      Re: Small PDF

      The problem might be because of the pictures. As more pictures you have as higher will be the file size. If it is only text you will end up less then 400 kilo.
      You also have to make sure that your pictures are jpg compressed. Try if medium compression will give you an enough good result otherwise you have to use jgp high compression.
      Also contact OneVision. ( They have software applications like Asura or Speedflow that will give you small print ready PDF files.


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        Re: Small PDF

        For onscreen purposes, just make sure you don't have masked images in your pdf, because standard Acrobat optimizing options doesn't affect them. Crop your images to the desired final size.

        Along with that, here's a little tip if you use Adobe Illustrator for making pdf files: Select the masked image with selection tool (which means complete masked image), set the Multiply mode in Transparency palette, then Flatten Transparency with high resolution chosen. It will crop the image to the masked dimensions.

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          Re: Small PDF


          Here is a perfect way to make your pdf files smaller.

          1. Open your 2MB pdf file with Adobe Acrobat.
          2. Go to the file menu and save your pdf as PostScript (default settings)
          3. Drag your .ps file to Adobe Distiller.
          Note: even if you leave your settings on Adobe Distiller to High Quality Print it will reduce the file size considerably.
          I was able to resize a 2.2MB file down to 180KB.


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