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FTP file submission utility via website

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  • FTP file submission utility via website

    I am trying to find an inexpensive utility to use on our website for ftp file submission.
    I am looking for fields to fill out and to be able to then attach the file for submission.
    If an email can be automatically generated, that would be great.

    I am hoping there is freeware or something.
    I can run it on a mac server or win server.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: FTP file submission utility via website

    The FTP Server Rumpus is not very expensive. Has automated emails, Web uploading with username and password protection in addition to Web Dav and FTP functions. They have a 30 day demo and it is worth taking a look at.


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      Re: FTP file submission utility via website

      We use a piece of CGI code called File Chucker.
      it's can be customized to your hearts content or you can use it almost out of the box.
      the guy that designed is VERY helpful if your having problems setting it up. They have a non-working demo that you can play with to see how the coding works with your system.
      It works well.

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        Re: FTP file submission utility via website

        I'd make a plug for using PHP scripts via an Apache web server on Mac OSX. I think you can still download the compiled "WebServerX Kit" from Apple. Compiling is a level of geekdom you can live without. I personally run it on FreeBSD but my development environment is MAC. Big problem with FTP is that the browser support for it is heading in a million different directions. Mac users have the added challenge that every time you reference the FTP protocol in a browser, you get dumped out to an OSX window. Apples support of FTP is a bit finicky, passive modes and port limitations keep it from working on some perfectly viable FTP servers.

        With PHP you'll be using an internal php file writing process and the data is sent from the client as form data so it's got very uniform support. It's very easy in the script to automatically e-mail. If you've got the time and the brains you can also integrate a MySQL database to track uploaded files. It takes some time to put it together but it's all open source GPL freeware stuff and it'll run on any old piece of hardware. A simple google search will put you on to some free premade scrpt modules for uploading files. Once you've mastered scripting in PHP with a database back end, the world is your oyster.

        Simple precautions should be followed. Write files to an isolated disk with a quota so nobody fills your system drive just for laughs. Code as well as you can to make sure nobody uploads executable code to locations they can access later to run malicious programs, etc., etc.

        No matter what you do, there'll be the 10% of users to technologically challenged to upload a file. Good luck.


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          Re: FTP file submission utility via website

          Rumpus is an excellent option. But also consider CrushFTP. a 10 user license is $30.
          You can't beat that. It has a web interface, notifies via e-mail when files have been uploaded/downloaded. Plus you can create temporary accounts and mini URLs for your customers to use. It's a very cool app and super easy to setup and use.

          BTW, I have not affiliation with CrushFTP, I'm just a satisfied customer.


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            Re: FTP file submission utility via website

            You could use something like Gradual FullSWITCH to automatically receive the file via FTP, email and disk, decompress it, prefight it , convert to PDF (if you want) and then email back a response to the customer, a CSR, (sales and/or prepress) or any combination of those.
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              Re: FTP file submission utility via website

              I was looking at Rumpus, and I'd LOVE to use that. However, right now I can't. Our FTP is based on a Windows server.
              Is there any software that is JUST LIKE Rumpus, but Windows based??



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                Re: FTP file submission utility via website

                There's a PHP script called Autoindex PHP that maybe could do the job for you. It's opensource (free!) and offers a graphic frontend with files hosted on a server, password protected or not. The downside is that it needs someone who undestands a little about HTML and CSS to customize the appearance.



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                  Re: FTP file submission utility via website

                  I'd really like something idiot proof.... as I don't want it to be a big project. Just something I can install and maintain with little effort.


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                    Re: FTP file submission utility via website

                    I can only recommend FTPUploaderCreator by DEvZeroG:

                    I have to say I am affiliated with this product, however as Adstream owns DevZeroG




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