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Black pages not ripping right

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  • Black pages not ripping right

    To anyone that might be having the same problem and has resolved this issue with 10.4 please leave your feedback. The problem I'm having is there are some black pages that I rip under the black profile with output setting set to composite grayscale along with rgb to cmyk with trapping off I'm getting some pages for both pdf and eps files not having everything showing up in the monitor proof. Black screens, images, and even some type. The strange thing is it doesn't occur on every page there could be the same screened black at 20% used on a group of pages and one page comes up with this screen missing? I have found a way to get around it by just ripping pages as a black seperation. I'd prefer not to continue to use this and get this resloved. So anyone that can help me with this issue I would be gratful.

    P.S. The problem didn't start happening till recent upgrade to 10.4.

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    Re: Black pages not ripping right

    Sounds like what happens to me when I rip using the composite grayscale when there are RGB areas in the file.

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      Re: Black pages not ripping right

      I have had this problem, mainly with pdf's, either ripping directly or creating eps files from them. What we have started doing is removing all ICC profiles from the job, and this corrects this error. There is an action to perform this on the enfocus website. Hope that helps


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        Re: Black pages not ripping right

        I'll have to try that when I have the chance. The funny thing is it didn't start occuring till version 10.4b4 must be a programing glich??


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