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  • Trueflow/Flatworker SE 3pp

    Hi everyone.

    I'm using the flat worker SE software to make impositions in my new job. I'm used to using Heidelberg's Synergy so all this seems a bit foreign to me.

    i want to make a 3pp impo
    page 1 and 2 on the front spread
    and page 3 (common) on the back.

    you would think it was quite simple, but after 3 hours fiddling, the only way i can find is to fudge it, and I don't really want to do that.

    hope you all can help

    thanks in advance


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    Re: Trueflow/Flatworker SE 3pp

    I am using Flatworker 4 and I would first make my 3 page pdf in the polished PDF folder from your Trueflow client.

    Next in Flatworker , create a new template with page size and name it.. Number of pages imposed (ie. 1 vertical 2 horizontal depending how on press you run it. )

    Add your plate, paper, reg. marks and info.

    You need to number 1 and 2 on front then click on back view and number both pages on back 3. Save your template. Make your workflow using that template. When you drop your pdf in your workflow it should put page 3 twice on your sheet for the back.


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      Re: Trueflow/Flatworker SE 3pp

      Hi im a new user to this site but been in the TF game for a while and had to register when i saw such a simple problem.

      There 2 steps to answer to your question, but hopefully you've worked it out by now.
      In flat worker build you impo like you always would with your plate marks info bars and all that stuff and leave the numbering till the very end
      Then this is the trick
      Goto File
      Goto Setup Signature Pattern
      Goto Setup base

      In this menu make sure your pattern form is setup to "FREE" >>>ok

      Goto File
      Goto Setup Signature Pattern
      Goto Setup Back

      in this menu turn off link front and back >>>ok >>>yes

      You will now be able to number a will.

      The link front and back is about linking numbers as well as print marks and other stuff this is why it auto number intelligently "normal" book signatures.

      Hope this cures your sleepless nights


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        is any one in southern California using trueflow and flatworker se who could come out and give us some extra training you will be compensated send me private message please help


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