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  • Ouch...Double Freaking Ouch!

    Man's arm caught in printing press

    Monday, 9:30 p.m.: Medical team called in for extrication

    By Sun Media

    A 48-year-old printer spent agonizing hours with his arm trapped in a press Monday night before he could finally be freed with his right arm badly crushed.

    A man working near the shop on McArthur Rd. heard the man’s cries for help just after 6 p.m. Paramedics were unable to free the man from the printing press rollers and called for a trauma team from the General campus of the Ottawa Hospital.

    The medical team sedated the man and were prepared to amputate the arm but were able to extricate him at about 8:45 p.m.

    The man was in stable condition at an Ottawa hospital last night with severe damage to his arm.

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    Re: Ouch...Double Freaking Ouch!

    that is a pretty scary story. i had the pleasure of working pressroom for a short time at the beginning of my career, and that thought was never far from my mind, especially when you were expected to get in there and pick hickeys and clean blankets on the fly. i had enough close calls to know that kind of work wasn't my cup of tea. and it seems like every shop has its share of horror stories. i saw a couple minor incidents, and i knew prepress was where i needed to be, and luckily i was able to make the move.

    now i worry about paper cuts and cutting my fingers off cutting down proofs.



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      Re: Ouch...Double Freaking Ouch!

      Way back when I worked in a small AB-Dick shop, we had a gal running the duplicator,. One day she got her ponytail caught in the rollers while doing an ink change. We had to cut quite a bit of hair to release her. She was lucky the other pressman was standing there to turn off the press or who knows how bad she may have been hurt.


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        Re: Ouch...Double Freaking Ouch!

        when i worked in the print shop we had a polar guillotine

        my biggest fear was as i was knocking up the paper with my hands beneath the blade.....

        just the thought of these things make me shudder


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          Re: Ouch...Double Freaking Ouch!

          what can i say. that's what you get from trying to clean the blanket at 10,000 ipm.


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            Re: Ouch...Double Freaking Ouch!

            Ok I concede this is one reason why pressman should make more money than prep people.

            Although I did cut off the tip of my index finger once cutting down some golden rod, it hurt like the dickens.


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              Re: Ouch...Double Freaking Ouch!

              tell me about it... i managett to cut off the tip of a finger while cuttinf sheets of heliographic proof paper. hurts a lot, bleeds even more, and got myself several stitches to put the piece back into it´s place...nowadays it´s there, but doesn´t feel anything.


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                Re: Ouch...Double Freaking Ouch!

                we had a pressman once had a pony tail. dad kept telling him that he needed to get a hair cut. one day he came in with out the pony tail. he failed to mention the press ripped it out the day before. I mashed my hand in the cutter once. those clamps sure have alot of pressure. got a finger caught in the heidelberg ks once, luckily it is reciprocal. it just split my finger back out still attached. I have not had a problem since then.


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                  medical treatment after hair getting caught in press

                  Is there anyone on this forum that has had or know someone who has had thier hair caught in a press and had needed extended medical treatment.

                  My wife got her hair caught in a roller train of a Harris M110 while in running mode . She was lucky that it did not completely scalp her but all of the doctors that have seen her do not know how to treat her on going pain .

                  I am hoping someone can get me in touch with someone who has delt with this injury.

                  Thanks, Ralph



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                    Has she tried acupuncture?
                    It can be very effective at dealing with pain. (A friend of mine took videos of a kidney transplant done in China where the only anesthesia was acupuncture.)

                    best, gordon p


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                      Originally posted by G_Town View Post
                      Ok I concede this is one reason why pressman should make more money than prep people.
                      As a prepress operator, I take offense. On more than one occasion during the heat of summer, I've had to put on a sweater because it's so damn cold in prepress.

                      By the time I walk out of here, I'm going to be a lean, mean, prepress machine...


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                        Originally posted by oxburger View Post
                        As a prepress operator, I take offense. On more than one occasion during the heat of summer, I've had to put on a sweater because it's so damn cold in prepress.

                        And then there is always the chance of static build up in dry air conditioned gods man you could be shocked!!!!

                        I have had the odd finger nip and its in the back of your mind when running a press, but you know whats stupid and whats not... i used to have long hair whilst running machinery and my boss would tell me i would get it caught... i did eventually but that was hot setting rockers in a race engine... The worst i have had was fixing a loose delivery hoist chain on an old 40" roland, levering up the cross bar and moving chain links to even it up, when the lever i had slipped whilst i was holding the chain, which snapped tight on the cog with my hand between them... invented a few new swear words that night...
                        Just get on with it. Its as simple as that.


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