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    I recently came across this article, And I was quite surprised to know a lot of things. On one side, there are recycling programmes happening all around the world to protect the environment, and on the other side, the same people are harming the mother nature.

    So coming back to the article, they are discussing about some items which we thought are recyclable, but are actually non recyclable.

    Plastic bottle caps, styrofoam, aerosol cans, wet paper and even pizza boxes are some of the non recyclable items. I was really surprised when I read this. Did we ever expect that pizza boxes were non-recyclable? It is mainly because of the oil coming from the pizza which soaks into the cardboard contaminating the entire cycle of recycling.

    I personally think we all have a hand in destroying our environment.
    Can nothing be done about this? What can we do to use only recyclable items? I feel we should start from our own homes.

    What are your thoughts on this??


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    100% Recycling will never be a thing, except perhaps for iron, steel and other metals, for everything else economical recycling is simply not possible, it will always be cheaper and more efficient to make new. Problem is that the energy needed to recycle and the infrastructure required exceeds the processes for new productions by far. That is if you wish to keep the present human population on this cultural level.


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      Recycling at home is easier said than done. The thing is that over 95% of social media environmentalist are just keyboard warriors. While one can try reducing carbon footprint and all, but in the long run, when one is shrouded by stress and anxiety with day-to-day drama of life, saving the environment takes a back seat. This is the sad truth of human psychology. We do good deeds only if it is convenient for us.


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