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Van Dyke copiers?

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  • Van Dyke copiers?

    A little trip down memory lane.. Do any of you old-timers remember a copier from back in the mid 1970's by a company called Van Dyke Research? They were based out of NJ and where I worked they had an "engineering" copier that would feed and cut from a roll of bond or vellum as I recall and could therefore copy larger size sheets. I can't recall though up to what size it could do but the engineering group used it a lot to copy some of their drawings. It was otherwise a standard xerographic process and in fact they were involved in a lawsuit with Xerox that was eventually settled if my memory serves me. The company I worked at was Vydec Inc and they hired me to run and maintain (clean drums, restring corotrons etc) their Xerox and VanDyke copiers. I've tried searching for a picture of one of them but can't find any. They also had a Kodak Ektaprint copier but another guy ran that one. Vydec also had a fleet of liquid toner Savin machines but that's another messy story!
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