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HP Prints - how to protect

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  • HP Prints - how to protect

    Hi all, Im running loads or rolls of HP Matte Litho Realistic Paper on HPZ6100's. The quality is uber good, but if there are solid areas of ink coverage the prints are prone to marking. It seems that even weeks later the waft of a wasps wing in Wellington NZ can scuff my bloody prints. I've tried liquid laminating them with a Seal UV72 machine and that doesn't help at all. Is this a Vivera ink issue?

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    Re: HP Prints - how to protect

    Hi Grae,

    It sounds like you have too much ink on the paper in your solid areas. I had the same problems with my HP 5500.
    The litho paper can only hold so much. From what i heard from friends who use it, under 300. Sometimes 280.
    You should pull back your ink restrictions and then test.

    If you use liquid or any other kind of laminate before the print is fully dry, tiny bubbles will form and ruin the lamination This is called out gassing.
    HP just sent me a 36"x100' roll to test but my Z3100 is dead so its in storage.
    As soon as i get a replacement printer, maybe an epson i will try it.



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      Re: HP Prints - how to protect

      I agree with Ian in the previous reply. You need to go into your RIP setup and perform an Ink Limitation set-up,or whatever the RIP calls it. This tells the RIP how much Ink the substrate will retain which will then limit the output when printing. You will then need to re-profile the printer unfortunately, but this will give you a more accurate, predictable and consistent result.


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        Re: HP Prints - how to protect

        ok,i dropped down to 270 but the problem is still there. Im amazed that 2 HP products work so poorly together.


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