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    Batch run in PitStop

    There is no batch run in the Acrobat version, you need PitStop Server for that
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    Using PitStop

    This is a good place to start. PitStop workshops | Enfocus When I was there I started monthly workshops to go through all the features and we talked extensively about Preflight. They are an hour long, and there's about 90 of them now I think.
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    esko proofing error

    Long shot, but you could call Esko?
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    Does flattening a transparency affect type?

    This is the one you are looking for.
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    Anyone still using a Postscript workflow?

    One of my better ideas... :)
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    Does flattening a transparency affect type?

    Good plan but please read the instructions on the Output Suite. It can be very useful, but you should know what it is for, and what it is not for!
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    Does flattening a transparency affect type?

    It should depend if the type is part of the transparency group, you should be able to see that in Acrobat if you open the Flattener preview and ask it to highlight 'all affected objects'. If the text is knocking out then it probably is part of it.
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    Anyone still using a Postscript workflow?

    Woe, did that tech arrive with his software on Syquest disks? I can't think of any reason why anybody would want to use Postscript, not even Michael J Fox!! PDF is definitely the way to go, you would be so slow and uncompetitive if you went with Postscript, and so many PDF features are not...
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    Honor scale on PDF import

    I think the takeaway for you here is that that Page Scaling flag is probably applied by the originating design application when you exported the PDF. I think Adobe Illustrator does that by default? (I stand to be corrected). The approach would be to design within the 200x200 inch limit, and then...
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    Honor scale on PDF import

    Yep, you have a Page Scaling factor of 10 in this PDF, that's where the issue comes from.
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    Honor scale on PDF import

    How big was the original PDF? The PDF specification has a size limit of 200 x 200 inches, but there is a technique called 'user units' or page scaling to make the document larger. What application generated the original PDF?
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    PRINTING United Expo-2022 Overwhelmingly Exceeded Expectations

    Linkedin had pretty good coverage, depending on who your contacts were. Almost real time. Was a really great show for us and most people I spoke to. Inkish and whattheythink did a great job, so i'm not sure the 'dinosaur; thing is correct, I think the website is probably the wrong media to look...
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    PitStop vs pdfToolbox

    Desktop/Plugin or Server versions?
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    Quite a Box of Tricks plugin grayscale profile

    Why don’t you ask them? Quite Software is still in business
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    Printing from PDF to PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (separations)

    I think if the OP wants separations, and wants to go the Postscript route you can still print to separations if you select postscript output (very last century, but if needs must). Then distill that to a PDF, each separation would be a separate page in the PDF, and just delete the ones you don't...

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