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    mobile proofing

    Please contact our office for a demo, trial account, and further information. You can get full contact information on our web site
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    mobile proofing

    Yes we do have a customer using Prinect with Vera. Vera's architecture allows for one or more prepress systems to be connected to one Vera system. We have built specific connectors to Kodak Prinergy Connect and Enfocus Pitstop Server as well as a generic file system connector. We have...
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    mobile proofing

    Not many people know (yet). The InSite development team formed a company called Viki Solutions who have a replacement for InSite. I am the original architect of InSite back from the Creo days and founded Viki Solutions in 2010 when Kodak asked me to lay off my entire R&D team in Canada (53...

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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