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    Distortion Calculation

    Yes this excel sheet is downloaded from FTA website.
  2. aqazi81

    Distortion Calculation

    Hi, Need to know which formula is correct for calculating distortion, as each one of these is calculating slightly different values.
  3. aqazi81

    Gradients in Flexography

    Hi All, Need to know how you guys work with gradients in flexography to prevent edge lines and smooth transition to white? Adding a picture of a job where we had issues with the edge line at the end of the gradient.
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    Printing Board on a 1 over 4 Heidelberg SM/PM 52

    Haven't seen a 4/1 machine so far, you will get a 1/4 machine mostly. SM52 would be a better choice than PM52.
  5. aqazi81

    Grey Levels

    Thank you all for your valuable input, we are working as a plate bureau house and we do not have our own printing facility. We are using Eagle Rip and it is capable of ripping a job at 9600 dpi.
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    Grey Levels

    Hi All, New to prepress, want to know the optimum grey levels that we should set in rip according to our CTP DPI and job LPI, Currently, we are ripping files at 4800 DPI and Same DPI is set in our Flexo CTP. Grey levels are set at 4096.
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    Films for screen printing.

    Thank you all for your response, a friend of mine is doing graphics for the automobile industry as a vendor and currently, they are sourcing films from an old film bureau. They want to do these films in-house now so he's looking for a better alternative. This thread will surely help.
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    Films for screen printing.

    With the demise of CTF devices, just curious to know how you guys are getting films for your screen printing jobs?
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    Year End Review

    And don't expect pay raise this year.
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    Paper folding magic

    Amazing, My 8-year-old son likes to make different objects with paper and he'll definitely love this video.
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    Back in the Day

    I used to ask the new apprentices to push the press towards the wall a little so we can make room for printed piles.
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    Training the Apprentice

    We used to ask the new guys to hold the feeder unit during wash-ups on old presses so the press doesn't move forward. Sometimes asking new guys to push the press towards the nearby wall to make room for the printed piles.
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    Heidelberg CD, Man Roland 505, KBA Rapida 75, Ryobi 755 - 29" format

    A CD74 or a Lithron will be a good choice.
  14. aqazi81

    SM52 Plate thickness

    Yes, this can create problems in printing, your plate mileage will also reduce.
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    The Warranty

    Been there, done that....

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