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    Back again for help...create bleed

    I just ran a quick test using pdfToolbox desktop using a default "Generate bleed at page edges" fix-up. You can download a trial from here or just send me a DM if you'd like a demo
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    The best 'do-it-all' imposing software for Switch?

    We have integrated Insoft IMP and IMP Flow with Enfocus Switch many times @Magnus, you can find more information here: It might also be worth contacting your local...
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    Online Document Editor/Designer?

    Feel free to contact me for a demo with printforma more information can be found here home | home of printformer
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    Transparency effects printing issues

    @eemDesign Here's some information about the differences of PDF/X-1 and PDF/X-4 How PDF changed prepress production dramatically in the last 25 years and Technical Specifications - Ghent Workgroup GWG Technical Specifications Also the Ghent Workgroup website is a valuable source to how you can...
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    Easiest way to fix broken/corrupt/weird PDFs?

    @Puch your absolutely correct more information about this can be found here:: Requirements for conversions to PDF. I've attached screenshots where it can be found. For a free 30day trial of pdfToolbox Dekstop or Server please click this link:: callas | pdfToolbox | Desktop
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    Anybody using tFLOW or Callas PDF Toolbox

    ikim86, We can provide training and a deeper insight into Callas pdfToolbox, if you interested please just drop me a message, training can be 3 hours to 3 days depending on the kind of depth you want to go into, feedback after training we do for uses is generally "wish I had done this sooner"!

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