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    Dolev 800 errors and spinner board breakers

    There are two data cables on the home side. One plugged into the static optic and the other plugged into cable going to the head. If these are the correct cables to unplug, the breakers still tripped. There is a very noticable vibration type sound coming from spinner board before breakers...
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    Dolev 800 errors and spinner board breakers

    spinner problem spinner problem thank you for the reply Also, what are your thoughts on the spinner board breakers tripping. Would this be related to the laser optics problem? Any thoughts on where to get a static optic for the dolev 800. Do you know if a dolev 400 would have the same part...
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    Dolev 800 errors and spinner board breakers

    Hello Everyone I apologize if this post twice. I am dealing with several errors. Data Pos 5v error Work Point Set Error Laser Extra Current Data Pos 5v error has shown up for a while and spinner board breakers have popped up a few times over the past month. This is happing now: Spinner board...
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    Scitex Dolev 800v - Bootable Floppy ???

    bootable floppy for dolev 800 bootable floppy for dolev 800 Just a note of thanks to eceteknik for the file to download, it saved us as our floppy had died.

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