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    Duplo Bin

    I in no way referenced the similarity to the usps first class tote bins I get in as supplies for my mailing use ONLY! -- wink
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    Duplo Bin
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    Can the Head be retro-fitted to an existing inkjet base?
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    Cannot get uncoated side of C1S to run through our Ricoh to save my life

    my 7210 runs it either way and duplexes 16pt every day. What drawer are you using and what finisher do you have?
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    Xerox Versant 180, #10 envelopes bleed 2 sides??

    How do the inkjets clean the "excess" or will it build up like a press?
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    KM c1060: Can you identify this probem?

    Based on my canons; back side voltage adjustment, would cause/cure that. I would change it based on the weather/humidity change too.
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    KM PI-502 won't insert after last printed page

    Sorry but if you open the document in Acrobat how many sheets are in the document.
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    KM PI-502 won't insert after last printed page

    Is page 67 actually 1 sided in the file and the printer is not inserting behind 68 because there is no pg 68?
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    Mail Merge job - NO Sequence Numbers allowed.

    intelligent inserter? 2d barcode?
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    Need New NCOA Vendor -Urgent-

    If you use BCC and aren't using their user boards, you are missing a lot of great advice. BCC Software Customer Portal - login
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    Operating Without Supplies Contract...

    After using OKI's off contract and buying the cheapest toner I could for them. My "standard" job uses more toner than I ever guessed. I had one job clicking over the nickel just in toner. I pulled it off and ran the shell on press and only click the veriable for most of the run. I would never go...
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    Assistance with Digital Inkjet press to print fan-folded stock

    this looks interesting
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    Variable Click Charges, Color Profiles, and Service Contracts

    Great tip never noticed that before! We control files we set and prep too, as Stickman42, but for customer supplied files in a rush, I love knowing that is there.
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    Ricoh Toner Streaks…

    Bad paper? We just fought a flaw in a skid that showed as a distinctive pastern when putting down a large screen or so.
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    Advice on B&W Low Cost laser for Carbonless Paper Printing

    I too have a riso, we have basically turned it into our office printer based on quality. Be sure to test it for your NCR jobs for all the reasons above.

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