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    Heard of anyone using a Flatbed Inkjet to make highly accurate/repeatable film positives or negatives for making screens or plates?

    I don't know about screens but a true flatbed is very accurate for repeatability. Belt fed printers, not so much.
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    Print outputting a few inches short HP Latex 365 SAi RIP

    Ah HP latex. They never print the same length, or colour, twice
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    software for package/box creation?

    We have Engview. It's full featured (read expensive) but we really only use the libraries, the files of which are customisable.
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    What's the trick to a successful rewind?

    I'm not sure why you'd want to do this. We've always just loaded the printer takeup roll staright into the laminator. I must be missing something.
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    1st largescale tiled wall mural

    Not sure mate. We only use Cutserver to send cut files to our Summa vinyl cutter. Maybe ask Onyx support or your dealer? We have a Zund flatbed cutter which has it's own software. Pretty sure lots of sign folk use Colex cutters so I'm sure there's a simple solution.
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    Arizona 1260GT - Does it need periodic calibration?

    We've had Arizonas for years. They are reliable, stable printers. They can need calibration if you start to notice blurry or out of registration prints. Sometimes this happens after a head strike or similar. When this happens it's an Oce technician who performs the calibration, not the user...
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    1st largescale tiled wall mural

    In our version of Thrive it has the option to add the marks for a Colex Sharpcut in CutServer. Maybe that works. Note before printing you need to select the cutter in Job Editor or Rip Queue.
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    Thinking of moving from Epson to Canon... any suggestions

    Oh yeah. Talkin back. That's a banning.
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    Thinking of moving from Epson to Canon... any suggestions

    Haha yep. Did you question their Orange Idol?
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    How are custom folders produced?

    I doubt a cutting plotter could cut them. Even if it could cut through the card once you have cut through part of it the sheet starts to fall apart. We have a Zund that could do these easily but they are big bucks.
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    Roland vs Mimaki

    I've had Rolands. We now have an Epson 60600 with a separate Summa cutter and would recommend this setup.
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    Lowest cost per Sq Ft

    I'm not a big fan of HPs so haven't really researched them but I believe those latex printers with the bulk ink do have way cheaper ink/ml. They do cost more for the printer so you need to put a large volume through it to make it worth the extra upfront cost. If you can get one used for a decent...
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    Color management/correction

    Inkjets usually need custom profiles. Buy an i1 spectro and learn to create your own profiles. It's quite easy in Onyx, not sure about Caldera.
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    Lowest cost per Sq Ft

    Believe me the cost of ink is a minor factor when it comes to large format. How quickly you can turn a job around at a sellable quality is more important. Along with user maintenance, ease of use, tech support and ability to print on a wide range of media.
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    ACM cutting for small signs

    How about a table saw?

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