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    Hi I am retired printing manager/pressman located in London Ontario if you want to send me some...

    Hi I am retired printing manager/pressman located in London Ontario if you want to send me some sheets I have the equipment to measure and report back to you or I can loan you my Spectro/Densitometer if you wish. let me know thanks
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    Offset ink density problems - help finding print consultant?

    What press are you running, is the issue ink density variation caused by either ink/water, what experience level is your pressman
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    Splody dots

    Someone please explain the first line of this press description where it says Komorimatic Just so I can be educated, many thanks
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    Splody dots

    Some Komoris have whats called 'Delta Effect' dampening, This has the effect of reducing hickeys on the plate by gearing the forme dampener roller to a slightly slower speed than the plate cylinder. Is this why you are seeing a speed difference in the roller, Just a thought
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    Offset ink selection

    Some questions to help the group with suggestions Type of drying-- Heatset, UV, EB? Is this a new problem, Any changes to ink/plate supplier or other press materials supplier Problem on all units and all colours? Cheers
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    Back in the Day

    Ha yes always used to see the apprentice standing outside the maintenace shop for a 'Long Weight'
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    Some quality issue questions

    when running uncoated sheets we used to 'Dust and size' as we termed it, bascially run the sheets through the press using the blankets to grab onto any loose particles then lay down a very thin coating of ink Extender(size) on the last unit.
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    Poly board and Colour Standard Variation

    We used to produce our own visual Standards/ Lights /Dark colour standards. We produced them during the run by increasing/decreasing the colours overall slightly and we sent them to the customer to sign off on the tolerences. We only used them for PMS colours as trying this with process colours...
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    Has Covid killed the business card?

    I'm back to the 3 Shells myself
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    Splody dots

    Your inference that I am exaggerating my claims is rather insulting. Oh dear you have to indicate to me how I insulted you please. Its just when someone uses the the old standby words 'game changer' and puts their product at a higher level than a competitor on these forums I feel we need to...
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    Splody dots

    ok thanks, I see you have said Febo and Calcium Fix are not effective enough, could you supply us the data that you used to make this statement and if you would like to PM me the name of the printer in Ontario with the 40" Heidelberg you quoted I would like to get in touch with them to research...
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    Splody dots

    Most of the people on here are not even aware of the product so they don't get how awesome it is. You will soon know. CSF are you an agent/seller of this product you are talking about
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    Splody dots

    what have you tried so far, maybe a softer/harder blanket might transfer a better dot it is after all where the rubber meets the road
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    Splody dots

    You might need to try another type of Blanket
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    Light shades in non printing areas when using IPA free fountain solution

    well heres my 2 pence worth. When you switch to a alcohol free fountain solution you may have to pay more attention to your press settings and maintenance. Do you have a durometer guage to check your rollers hardness, are you using a conductivity meter to measure/maintain your fountain...

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