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    Variable Data Printing Software - Need Feedback

    Gave it a try... Here is the error Description: Error Creating PDF Context: load_image No output intent specified for PDF/X
  2. Craig

    Image Quality Thoughts....

    Have you tried to turn on/off Auto trapping in CW?
  3. Craig

    New Adaptive CMYK Kit for the V180

    I expect the metallic colors to be expensive. Each color for our 1000i was $10,000.00 just to get installed. Ink for gold and silver was over $600.00 per jar. Don't get me wrong we run a lot of metallic ink, you just have to be prepared to pay for it.
  4. Craig

    Small Offset Surviving?

    Got rid of our last duplicator offset 10 years ago and never looked back. All digital including envelopes and NCR. We ran about 11 million clicks on 6 output devices. Riso 7330 has filled a big hole in envelopes, letterhead and NCR. People who say the offset has no "click" charges are saying a...
  5. Craig

    Mailing Question

    Watch this and ask yourself if they need to be in order if they are not walk sequence.
  6. Craig

    Printing same image (2UP) on sheet problem with print

    For giggles did you try imposing outside of Fiery? We used to run into this and switched to Montax Imposer. Though I agree it is a transparency issue.
  7. Craig

    Cheap web to print system

    MyOrderDesk quoted me almost $7000.00 start-up cost and $595.00/month after. We even have Printers Plan as our MIS which is owned by the same company.
  8. Craig

    Corona questions for US forum members

    My issue with the testing is the miss information regarding the number of people tested vs the number of positive results. The last the numbers were given it was only 5 to 7 percent of the people tested were positive. Healthcare workers are higher because they are disproportionately tested at a...
  9. Craig

    New Digital Press Suggestion

    I saw some samples off a Kodak Nexfinity, wow was I impressed. That may be the replacement to our 1000i.
  10. Craig

    No one talking about corona virus yet? - Thoughts on slowing down

    We have laid off 1 so far and reduced hours of everyone else. So far we predict a loss of around $200,000.00 if this keeps up through April as this is the season for school musical programs, orchestra/symphony programs and many newsletters that have all been put on hold or canceled. We are...
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    Matt Beals

    WOW, sad to hear, RIP Matt!
  12. Craig

    Folding and Grain...

    Have you tried a different brand of paper. We had the same thing happen when we changed from one brand to the next. We score everything with Tri-Creasers and that had little effect. Changed to a different brand and back to normal.
  13. Craig

    Envelope Printing

    Sorry for the delay getting back. Maintenance is .0035/click and an average envelope is .005/ envelope.
  14. Craig

    Xante Warning

    Try wiping off the sensors below the fuser, they look like silver eyeballs. We didn't believe it but it was what solved our problem.
  15. Craig

    Envelope Printing

    In the last week they have cross shipped 2 different printers to try to resolve our issues. First one was stuck in some type of factory mode and unusable.

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