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    What kind of paper cutter are you using?

    We are running 2 Polars, one with a microcut junior and one thats programmable . .. years w/o a problem
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    Anyone ever get out of an auto-renewing maintenance agreement (after the fact)?

    this maybe a dumb idea, and it might be after the horse got out of the barn .. . but you could put the "auto renew" on a credit card number and then cancel the card . . .
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    OSX vs Windows 10 for Pre-Press...

    I won't contest that the Mac and Windows versions of the software get you to the same place once your within the software . . . my biggest complaint is the user interface difference between the two platforms . . ( I will admit to a bit of a bias towards Macs) but just the file navigation on...
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    Image area get stain

    Looks like scumming to me . . . dampener issues, emulsification . . .??????
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    Quark Named: “100 Companies That Matter Most”

    Pr . . . you are correct it doesn't diminish Quarks achievement but by only mentioning them you are presenting an aysmmetrical view of the news . . . .
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    Looking for buyer of older sheet fed offset presses, Heidelberg and Ryobi 3302

    you could try . . . slater lee <> bill is a great guy and does stuff for export . .. good luck
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    Quark promoting XPress 2018 as Cloud Free & no monthly fees

    They need to develop some users, like print designers because when the Quark files start rolling in the shops will be buying it . . . but when you haven't seen a quark doc for the last 5 years there isn't much of a need for it . . . .
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    Corner rounders

    I've heard about this one but never saw one in person . . . but it looked pretty good to me
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    Laminator Options

    You can pick up a professional level, ie 24=4 inches, laminator at auction or on ebay for a reasonable price . . . just remember "let the buyer beware" we get a lot of equipment that way and you win some and lose some . . luckily we have won many more than we have lost . .. .
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    The Printer's Burden

    Gordo . fergot Hobo . .. just as bad as comic sans . . .
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    The Printer's Burden

    Reminds me of the time I visited the Grand Canyon and picked up a visitors guide . . . glanced at the first side turned the sheet over and found a typo in the second paragraph . . ..
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    You know you're old when . . .

    I remember my dad authorized the Linotronic 202 for the Detroit News in the early 70's . . .. does that date me . . . . .
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    CorelDRAW—2018 Released

    and . . . where is David Millsock when you need him . . . .
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    Opening a PDF with Illustrator - Epic Fail

    Glenn, if you read a little farther down the text you will find the following, "When you open an Adobe PDF file in Illustrator using the File > Open command" So while you are 1/2 right it does specify an Adobe PDF so it would appear that word (as dov pointed out) and also other pdf creators...
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    The Vanishing Family Printshop

    Too true, this comment is a little dated, but in the year after the dot com bust(2001 as I recall) here in Kalifornia, back when UniSource still existed, their salesman told us that they lost a shop a day during that time period . . . and that was not just mom and pops but printing companies...

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