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    Very few people understand the price of "free". And all of the ramifications. It's due to ignorance, stupidity, or cupidity... or a combination of all three traits.
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    Case binding.

    We have a customer who needs runs of about 600 laminated-wrap PUR hardbound edition comic books half a dozen times a year. Trim size: 6.62" x 10.25" upright, 48 or 64 pages of 70# gloss book (100gsm). The books sell for a high price, so packaging and handling have to be impeccable. No mashed...
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    New B2 Format Digital Die Cutter from Duplo

    Heathy is referring to his post of 19 July:
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    Lamination and aqueous coating

    Is there a laminating person who can clear this up for me? I have been told by several binders and laminating shops that hot lamination over aqueous coating is not going to give a dependably good lamination job. Rather, they say it is better to not use aqueous coating at all. We prefer to use...
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    Is it time to raise prices?

    Yup. This is a phenomenon that has gone on for millennia. Eventually, if you don't change prices you will be making nothing... figure 3% a year on average is what your expenses increase. If you're cheap now, figure you'll be firmly in the hole within 10 years if you don't change prices or do...
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    Task Management software

    I tried Trello a few years ago and it had several problems that made me drop it after a few months. As I recall: It's VERY hard to extract data from it. Likewise with importing into it. (jSON is not for anyone but programmers.) I have an older OSX machine running Firefox as a browser, and the...
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    Toner Foiling Problem on Soft Touch Laminate - How to get rid of foil spots

    What do you mean by "too much corona"? Do you mean that there was too much of a static charge?
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    Holographic cover stock needed

    Do you know of any special adjustments that might need to be made to run the holographed stock? We have run some samples and we got a very light "dusting" of unfused toner on the top of stock after imaging. We've been able to take the dust off by rubbing with a piece of microfibre. Overall...
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    Holographic cover stock needed

    We have a customer who publishes comic books and has shown us a 12pt C2S stock that has a hologram on one side (laminated or foiled) and is coated on the other. We know that the stock can run through a BizHub, We would love to get into this, even for short runs. The retail sources for similar...
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    Trouble Getting Heavier Digital Stock

    Cheaper paper is going up an average about 3% bimonthly around here. That would take it up about 20% in a year. Welcome to the 1970s!
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    Temporary Pre Press help.

    Pembroke... North Carolina, Massachusetts, or Wales?
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    Trouble Getting Heavier Digital Stock

    Heavy digital stocks... Although the cut-to-run stocks are eminently convenient, they do not always give the greatest benefit for every printshop. (Especially when they are hard to find.) Give some thought to whether you can substitute a "standard printing sheet" and cut your digital sheets...
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    Stock issues (paper size)

    SRA3 has a 2mm plus or minus tolerance on length. So your sheets are within spec.:oops: It's abominable, yet reasonable in a weirdly utopian way, that papermakers, printers, and binderies are expected to use the same tolerances under ISO. Because papermakers have the greatest trouble in holding...
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    Starting a shop for political printing

    So true! And even if a politician wins, s/he doesn't need you when the election is over. Don't get deposits, though. Get full payment in advance. (Or, at the very least, consider everything not paid in advance as being a loan to a known deadbeat.) Politicians have a distressing inclination...

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