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    Customer file submission

    Quit complaining. If customer files always arrived press-ready, you could literally be replaced by a hot folder. If you don’t welcome the technical and political challenges involved with working cooperatively with your customers, why are you even in this line of work?
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    software for package/box creation?

    These guys have tons of templates too, and you pay just a few bucks per design...
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    Digital MagneCote Alternative

    I think Nekoosa can help you out. I believe they bought the Magnecote production and marketing from Meadwestvaco some years ago.
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    Soft proofing - Are all bets off?

    Not sure what you mean by "linearization in the RIP" and "total ink". I'm guessing you're talking about tone curves and GCR? In my shop, I allow the RIP to apply a tone-curve for the press, but that's it. Any UCR/GCR is handled upfront in Adobe Photoshop. I know some people might view my CMYK...
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    Soft proofing - Are all bets off?

    In my experience, if the target color space is CMYK, you'll get the most predictable results converting upfront to CMYK before RIPping, and just turn off color management on the RIP. Then you can be assured that what you see in your upfront apps (PS, AI, ID, etc.) is what you're going to get on...
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    Looking for cip3 software

    You also might check out these guys... Creates CIP data directly from the TIFF output of your Harlequin (no need for the CIP plugin) and converts to Heidelberg's proprietary format for press. Not as cheap a solution as PressPerCent, but a heck of a lot cheaper...

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