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    Tab cutting

    This is probably what your looking for...
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    Fuel Surcharge...

    You don't want them to go broke do you. Then who will fix your machines. I wonder if Xerox is going to do the same thing? There us a lot more that I could so if they start this I do most of the maintenance myself.
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    Taxed on Maintenance/click charges

    Did you not fill out your sales tax exemption form when the contract was setup?
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    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    Maybe that is one of the reason for the shortage. Hoarding paper for all those 81 million mail in ballots that arrive in the middle of the night if needed.
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    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    As we move away from free markets into heavily regulated socialism the chance of that happening will probably be pretty low. With the Chinese behind the owners of most of our paper mills that doesn't help either. It is really scary that Verso is about the only paper we can get right now. My...
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    Versant 80 - banding?

    It is fairly easy to clean what is blocking the toner transfer in the developer housing. Take off the developer cover. Make sure you clean the seals when you put it back. There is enough room to slip a piece 100# cover paper between the roller and the piece of metal on top of it that regulates...
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    Versant 80 - banding?

    Looks like the problem is in magenta. Make a PDF file of 4 pages of 50% of each color and print it with Color Management turned off in the RIP. This should show you which color or colors are the problem. If it is all colors then look at the IBT or 2nd BTR or its backup roller. If it is only one...
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    Versant 80 - banding?

    Does this banding run from inboard to outboard or from lead edge to trail edge?
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    Basic Imposition Software

    26 pages, so not saddlestiched? What size pages on what size sheet?
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    v2100 upgrade to v3100 worth it?

    You are correct. I forgot about the new and updated finishing options.
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    v2100 upgrade to v3100 worth it?

    There is no difference between the V2100 and the V3100. The only difference is going to be the DFE and the ability to do long sheets. I went from the V2100 where I updated the DFE to do long sheets (not officially supported) to the V3100. The way I see it, it was a mistake as I had more trouble...
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    You forgot all the retires.
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    Versant 80...All lights flashing

    Have you called it in?
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    Versant 80...All lights flashing

    That is an old machine. Hopefully you have a maintenance contact or warranty because this does not look good.
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    Apparent memory problems recent oddities while using Adobe Illustrator

    Also check that your GPU is functioning correctly. Is it clean and the cooling fan running like it is supposed to. Check the system fans as well and that dust is not blocking the air flow.

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