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    Rendering intent

    How are you making the determination about your device gamuts? Assuming you're using something to evaluate/compare like ColorThink Pro? Fogra39, like GRACoL, is for offset litho which is known to have a smaller gamut than digital LF. The only reason I think where this might make sense is when...
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    Anyone using Fuji Superia ZD plates?

    Has anyone here moved forward with putting the ZD plates into production? Interested in pursuing for our folding carton sheetfed facility so I'm curious how it's going for you.
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    The best 'do-it-all' imposing software for Switch?

    Those are great products but I would include Insoft Automation as another option.
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    Automation in prepress

    We use Dalim Twist (tied to several other systems for DAM, softproofing and impo) and can tell you it's extremely versatile. So much so that it now automates complex workflow needs across multiple facilities. The one thing I would stress with any automation ramp up is the need for a motivated...
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    Curve Organization Methods

    Most of our presses don't use anilox rollers. The ones that do only have the one roller thats used for all coating so that's not a variable we use for developing curve sets.
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    Curve Organization Methods

    I use the below naming convention for all our curves, offset or digital. FYI: I manage 4 prepress departments within 4 manufacturing sites spread across 3 states. Facility_Device_Substrate_Date Adding the date helps me remember when the curve was created in case needed to help diagnose a...

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